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Gantz finally returns to big screen with the release of the new 3D animated movie; Gantz:0. The previous attempt to its big screen didn't turn out so well with the second live action, so can the third time be a charm ?

When the live action movies of Gantz were released, most of the fans hated for not adhering the source material. Granted, the manga was still ongoing on that time, but the movie, in particular the second one, decided to just rushed everything and left out all the character development especially the Second Phase team (Reika was in the movie, but I think she was never mentioned by name).

Hence, when Gantz:0 was released, the mangaka announced that this will stick closer to the source material. It's true, but also not in various other and non-sensical way. Before I go in-depth into this, lets talk about its plot first. Also, full spoiler as this is available for free on Netflix anyway.

Gantz:0 picks up after the battle in Shibuya against the Oni, in which Kei sacrificed his life to ensure the rest of what left of his team survives (Reika, Nishiki, and the old man). It then quickly brought us to Masaru Kato who seemingly brought into Gantz for the first time and went for the mission in Osaka. There he met the cocky Osaka team, and together they found out their enemy this time is way out of their league. Of course, the mission ended and despite scoring a 100 points, Kato decided to stay and revived the rest of the players who are killed in the game.

By the time you finished reading the plot recap, you would realized that the movie essentially has no plot whatsoever. It's like a Mad Max movie but with no depth at all. The plot also decided to remove or alter some of the element from the manga. Of course, all the sex element from the manga was totally removed, yet they decided to keep the naked boobies monster. The rule of the game was changed from points deduction if the time is out, to all player died.

The overall team was changed as during Osaka arc, pretty much everybody is still alive with the exception Kei (he didn't die in the Shibuya mission) and Reika was already a competent player at that time. Yet in this movie, the team is reduced to four persons and Reika was helpless throughout. Lets not forget the annoying character of Anzu who you would wish she could just immediately.

In term of the character design, those who are disappointed not getting big boobies in the live action movies can rejoice as the pretty much follow the original design and the quality is as good as the rest of the Japanese 3D animated movie and DOA games. Japanese 3D animated use motion capture for its character animation hence the movie seems more fluid and real which really gives them an edge in this kind of action packed movie.

The ending had a reveal that Kato was actually released from the game and was brought back in. Of course, it was reverse done from the manga where it was Kei that is released from the game. In wasn't particularly an issue to me, but I would rather to have the story starts with Kato and the team doing the Osaka mission and have him reviving Kei as a stinger or hook for audiences to come back for sequel( if there any, which there won't be).

Overall, it wasn't particularly better than the live action movie, and you better off reading the manga anyway. However if you are a big fan of everything Gantz, you might want to check it out. In the end, I gave Gantz:0 a 2.5 out  of 5.0. A disappointing movie for a fan, and a mind baffling movie for non-fan despite excellent execution in the animation department.

What do you think of the movie ? Do you agree with my opinion ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for Comikrew Ramadhan/Eid preview later this week and my review of Wonder Woman by following and liking Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and finally follow and hit me off Twitter.


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