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Chronicle #55 is now available on Tapastic

The plot thickens in Chronicle this week as Central Military finally got involves with the whole Pirate Brotherhood-NEST alliance. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter of Chronicle.

  • Nia Azmir recounts her last meeting with Dante.
  • Can Danzo get Nia to find Dante for him despite her belief ?
  • The Central Military finally into the picture as another spy is reveal within the NEST organization

What do you think of the chapter ? Sound off your thought in the comment section and like and share the comic if you enjoy it. Chronicle will have another chapter release next week before going into a two months hiatus in conjunction with Ramadhan and Eid, so be sure to follow and like Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook to keep up to date. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and finally be sure follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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