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Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review

Marvel Studios kicks off their 2017 slate with Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 2. The first one was a huge success, but can the sequel be at least on par ? Hit the jump to read my thought about it.

I always have some reservations with Marvel movies nowadays. Civil War was great but with flaws and Dr. Strange was crushingly disappointing. Despite the hype saying that the sequel is Marvel best ever, I still hold my opinion. After watching, Guardian is also a great movie but with flaws.

Let's touch on the plot first, the story takes place sometime after the first one, and the Guardian is still pretty much a rag tag team. After a deal gone wrong with The Sovereign, the Guardian has to deal with old enemy in the form of the Ravagers now lead by Taserface and at the same time Star Lord need to deal with the revelation of his dad’s true identity.

In term of the overall plot, it put to rest forever who’s Star Lord’s dad is and was told nicely and smoothly. There was a chunk of exposition scene in the middle but it doesn’t really hurt the movie. The plot however does require a substantial knowledge of the first movie to fully understand to know not just the characters backstory, but also some of the gags.

The cast are generally superb. All the characters have good chemistry including those who've just been introduced. I particularly enjoy the chemistry of Gamora and Nebula, as well as Yondu and Star Lord. Despite it was just a short time they were together in the movie,they were the best.

One of my worried was that Baby Groot are being emphasis too much but, they actually managed to balance it at the right amount. However, James Gunn seemingly doesn’t know what to do with Drax, and he sort of become the buffoon in the story and many of his jokes doesn’t hit.

The jokes while it was funny some of the part, it also leans to much of one; the 80’s references, two; the Marvel inside knowledge, and three; the ridiculousness in particular Taserface's name. This is a movie you definitely need to watch with fans or you will get very very little entertainment with it.

The action scenes are all great. Yondu’s from the first one was my favorite and they successfully ramped it up for this one. The two problems are the final climax battle, which I’ll come back later, and the fact are if you watch all the trailer, you’ve seen every single snippet of the fighting scene in the movie.

Music has also been a big element of the previous movie and while all the music are great, the transition are more contrived and obvious. Almost all the music was transit into the scene through a music player (speaker, radio or Walkman) and it does become distracting at times.

The main villain, in which I will not spoil, while have good motivation, you don’t really see how threatening he is. In fact, Gunn manages to portray Taserface as a more terrifying villains in the movie. The movie also decided to kill all the villains except for one; which act also as a tease the villains for the third one. That being said, it is understandable why the main villain is killed is he is indeed a very powerful person in the universe.

And finally, to me the biggest flaw was the climaxing battle. It was the exact typical Marvel battle where big things crashing to big things. This one however, was a little bit too chaotic and all over the place. Also let's not forget that Matrix -Dragon Ball - Super Saiyan rip off.  While there’s fun moments throughout the battle, it was unnecessary chaotic. I guess I don't have to mention how useless that spinning establishing shot in the middle of the battle was (do note that Nebula was never part of the team, but she decided to pose in team pose at that time was baffling). There was moment, but it was definitely Marvel final battle scene at its worst.

All in all, Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2 is still worth to watch in the cinema despite all the flaws. Stay tuned as there are five mid credit scenes with a blink and you miss appearance of the Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok. In the end, I give Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2 a 4.0 out 5.0. A definitely good movie despite its obvious flaws and a must not miss for Marvel fans.

What do you think of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for my Comikrew May update by following and liking Comikrew right here and on Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and finally follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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