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The Malaysia Online Comic Challenge is here !!

In an effort to find new aspiring comic book artist, Mat Komik in collaboration with Komik M and Creative United presents the second Malaysia Online Comic Challenge. Of course, being an aspiring comic book artist myself, I'm joining the competition as well. Also, in a very rare occurrence, this will be a bilingual post.

The competition was officially kicked off last October, and is expected to end this 30th November, so there is time if you're planning to join it. The submission must consist of 10 pages of comic in Malay under the theme of 'Love'.  The comic must never been published anywhere before in print or in digital.

I'll be a part of the competition as well with my submission; Bukan Penamat (Not The End). It tells the story of Iqram who befriend Athirah, a girl who suffered from Brain Cancer. As her cancer is getting worse, Iqram promised her and himself to find a way to treat her. However, could he make it in time ? Below is some of the preview of the story.
Click the image to read more

Other than the competition, the readers may vote for The Most Popular comic awards until 5th December. So if you enjoy my comic, don't forget to rate, comment, and share it. I really appreciate all the rating and comment. In the spirit of competitiveness, I'll also be sharing below some of the titles that in the competition and I enjoy as well. Just click the image to read the comic.

So do you enjoy Bukan Penamat ? Which of the submission you enjoy the most ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Don't forget to rate, comment, share the comic you enjoy. Don't forget to like Comikrew Studio on Facebook, subscribe to my comic at Tapastic, and follow me on Twitter. Finally, be sure to follow right here on Comikrew Studio for my latest activities and post.


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