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Chronicle intermission part 3 and part 4 is now available at Tapastic

I'm back from a long trip overseas and to celebrate that (sort of), here is double chapter of Chronicle. Get to see what happen next in the fight between Nia Azmir and the leader of Desert Pirate.
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  • A double chapters released for Chronicle as the confrontation between Nia and the desert pirate continues.
  • With Nia injured, can both of them escaped safely from the fight.
  • The last hope they left is Dante, but will Dante step in ?
  • The most unexpected team up is on the horizon.

What do you think of the double chapter ? I'm currently trying to finish up my submission for Malaysia Online Comic Challenge, so wish me luck and don't forget to read it at Mat Komik later. Don't forget to like Comikrew Studio on Facebook, subscribe to its comic at Tapastic and follow me on Twitter. Finally be sure to follow the latest activities right here on Comikrew Studio.


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