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The Hunger Games reaches its end with Mockingjay part 2. Can this franchise ends on a high notes after a rather underwhelming first part ? Hit the jump to see my thought. Beware of minimum spoiler and spoiler from the previous movie.

Mockingjay part 2 picks up where the first one left as Katniss is still dealing with the repercussion of what happen with Peeta. At the same time, President Coin carries on her plan to raid the capitol. As Katniss and her team getting closer and closer to the Capitol, she finally learns who is the her true allies and who is actually her enemies also her true loves.

 In term of story, it certainly more action packed than part 1. To me, this actually make part one looks to slow and boring in comparison. While the first part to me is intense in term of how it was shot, this one is certainly intense in term of its plot and the stake and the conspiracy. One thing that I really like is how the horror of war is portrayed not in term of death and violence but in how it can change people to become evil and cruel. The movie and the director successfully portray how in war that might not be any good guys.
In term of performance, every performance is at top notch level. Josh Hutcherson convincingly play a deranged man that can switch side at any time. Jennifer Lawrence, while I have a little problem on how she looks in the movie, you'll be surprised of how passive she had become up until the end of the movie and that impressed as her position as rising star might cause the director to push her role more to the forefront. The highlight to me is the Sam Caflin's Finnick moment at the end of the second act. To me that was the highlight action scene of the movie, while his fate could have been guessed, you still hope it would go the other way.

In term of effects, there is no obvious use of CGI that I spotted while I was watching the movie. Though you might be able to guess what is CGI and what is isn't, it did not take you out from the movie.

Some might feel the ending rush, and to me the ending wasn't that rush. The director still manage to pace the revelations of President Coin's true intention and the end of President Snow nicely, but the epilogue is certainly unnecessary. It was the epilogue that make the ending seem rush as there is nothing that could possibly lead up to the epilogue.

If there is any complain on my side, one thing that was kind of obvious is that at times Jennifer Lawrence had too much make up on her face. There were several scene that she had blusher and thick lipstick when she was just wake up from being injured on the field. At times her skin looks to smooth for someone on war zone. I don't know if she demands it or the director decided to make her look beautiful due to her star power. Lets not talk about her wigs. Her wigs changes from black and brown at times and  unlike President Coin's, it doesn't fit in term of where she is.

Overall, I enjoy the movie. It managed to cap off the franchise successfully, I don't know how the fans react to the ending, but I certainly satisfied with it. In the end, I give the movie 4 out 5. A great movie to cap off  the franchise, unfortunately the excessive make up on Jennifer Lawrence 's face did took me out from the movie for a while and I didn't like how they took out Gale from the love equation.

So what do you think of the movie ? Do you enjoy it ? Hate it ? or Don't care about it ? Leave you thought in the comment section. Skuad Satria released will possibly push to next month to give space for my Malaysia Online Comic Submission. Don't forget to like Comikrew Studio on Facebook, subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and follow me on Twitter. Finally keep following the latest update right here on Comikrew Studio.


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