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Comikrew Studio December preview

December continues my effort to win Malaysia Online Comic Challenge, and marks the end of Skuad Satria. Hit the jump to see what to expect this December with Comikrew Studio.

First off, the vote period for Most Popular Comic award in Malaysia Online Comic Challenge continues until 5th December, so remember to keep voting my comic (and the other you enjoyed) as you see worthy.
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Chronicle intermission chapter continues with part 5 and part 6. Nia decided to team up with Dante to face up the Desert Pirate in a rather interesting chapter.

Chronicle #27 : Intermission part 5 (2nd December, 2015)
  • The enemy of my enemy is my ally
  • Nia decided to face off The Desert Pirate alone
  • However, Dante will not allow that to happen.
Chronicle #28 : Intermission part 6 (30th December, 2015)
  • End the year with a very special chapter from Chronicle
  • Both Nia and Dante raids the cave and trying to reach the Desert Pirate leader
  • A wordless chapter with a very unexpected revelation in the end.
Skuad Satria will have three back to back chapter as the series reach the end of its run. The recently delayed issue will be released followed by the origin of Hackerdroid reaches its finale with a Hackerdroid and Virus face off. Also, a special epilogue for its very final issue.

Skuad Satria #17
  • The origin of Hackerdroid reaches it finale with a Hackerdroid and Virus confrontation
  • Can Dannie be convinced to let the Virus' power go ?
  • How far will Jimmy go to save his infected best friend ?
Skuad Satria #18
  • Skuad Satria's final issue
  • A special epilogue for Skuad Satria as the team assembles for the last time
  • The city is attacked by a rock monster, and it's up to the Skuad Satria to stop them.
  • Get on board on a new twist of a Malay famous folklore.
What do you think of the line up for December ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Of course, there will be others thing line up for December like the annual Comic Book A-Z, so stay tuned for all of that as well. Be sure to like Comikrew Studio on Facebook, Subscribe to my comic on Tapastic, and follow me on Twitter. Finally be sure to always follow me right here on Comikrew Studio


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