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Tomorrrowland is the newest outing the genius mind of Brad Bird. This seemingly has been his dream project and the main reason why he declined to direct Star Wars. Does it worth it ? Hit the jump to see my thought of the movie.

Straight off the bat, this is a movie that must be watch by everyone. It is such an inspiring movie, with  a lot of idea, and commentary about the world nowadays. I would even say that this is Interstellar done right. More of this down the line.

First off, the story revolves around Cassie who was given a secret pin that show her this dream world of future. She then embarks on journey along side Frank Walker  and Athena to find this place, Tomorrowland. However unknown to her, this place may lead to the end of the world.

What I like the most about this movie is  the theme. Brad Bird nicely presented the idea of inspiring people and being optimist through the story and how we view the future has changes through time. I really enjoy the commentary of why are we feeding the people now with dark and grim future and being such a reactive society.

Also I mentioned earlier that this is Interstellar done right, and the reason why is that both of them tell the story about someone not giving on a dream as you see the world crumbling down, but unlike Interstellar where you come out saying, well, that's a weird movie, you come out from this movie, at least I am, thinking I have a dream, don't give up, we decide our own future.

There is a quote at one point of this movie; "There are two wolves that are fighting with each other. One is light and happiness, and the other one is dark and sadness, which one would win ? It's the one you feed the most.", this quote is not just enough sum up the whole movie, but the whole current society. I really love the end where it becomes meta and you realize that this is more than just a normal movie. I kind of see why Brad Bird really want to make this movie based on the commentary that he gave in it.

As movie lover, Brad Bird definitely love some movie homage thrown here and there in the movie. Several that I spotted were The Rocketeer, Star Wars, Terminator, and I don't know if it is intentional, there is a sense of World's End but maybe it was just me.

In term of performance, got to hand it to Britt Robertson. She is such an expressive actor that you enjoy seeing her face as the story goes along. The actor who portray Athena kind of annoyed at times but it wasn't because of her performance. George Clooney was just fine but you kind of believe that he was this guy who already give up with the world.

So was there flaw ? For a movie based on theme park, there was much awe in it. The whole movie was shot with desaturated color palette, which I understand why but it certainly tone down the excitement. Also, somehow there wasn't much promotion for this movie and I can see how because when you see it, you kind of get it because while the search for Tomorrowland was the drive of this movie, it is not the central focus of it .

Overall, I give it 4.5 out 5.0. It has such a great idea and I enjoy it. However, it lack the excitement and I kind of worried how it gonna perform in the cinema, but I really recommend everyone to see it, because of the idea and theme of the story.

What do you think of Tomorrowland ? Do you agree or disagree with me ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movie review as the summer movie season continues. Be sure to like and subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic.  Finally, keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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