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DC wraps their multiverse events today with Convergence #8. How does this last wraps up what happen in both Futures End and World Ends ? And what does it means for DC Divergence ? Hit the jump to see my thought on it.

Convergence #8 picks up right where the last issue ends as Parallax Hal Jordan kill Deimos and release the power of the Time Masters causing the Multiverse to shatter. In the last attempt to save the Multiverse, they decided to resurrect Braniac, but due to the previous Event that has already collapse Multiverse, Superman, Flash, Supergirl and Parallax Hal Jordan decided to go back in time and prevent it.

Lets start with the plot, this issue should have been  the break of the second act. The fact that they brought in Booster Gold in the last moment to resurrect Braniac means that they were put into a corner and pull a Dues Ex Machina. I think that whole story could be their journey of saving the Multiverse by resurrecting Braniac would make a better stories that having a two whole issues of just heroes from Multiverse fighting each other, six more to tell a story. That being said it wasn't a bad story overall, it just that it could be better.

One weird moment is when Braniac told his backstory to everyone while the world is about to end. While it was interesting and has a tease to Darkseid War, it was totally unnecessary and out of place. Several other interesting point to pay attention to is that it seems like the previous crisis was prevented, making it sounds like they are saying whatever happen to the past never happens, and what matter is just Flashpoint. However, it is also interesting to point out that while Convergence bring all the timeline together, Divergence seem to hint that all the previous timeline has been turn into a multiverse and has since then evolved. Based on what I've figure out from the last few pages of Convergence, it can be said that Multiversity is actually set after the event of Convergence.

Now, most people now that I am a fan of DC Comic artwork when it comes to an event like this and I am gonna say that this one the a very good job of taking different artist but have the same style to work together in an issue but it looks like done by one same artist. I enjoy the art and it was not even a moment I was like that is not from same artist.

Does it conclude the two lead up books ? It does for World Ends which I think a very good and nice conclusion. I really like the few last pages. It doesn't Futures End but if you have been following Divergence, you know it will continue in Batman Beyond, so I am all good with that.

 Overall, it was good conclusion for the event. In term of overall story, it drops a little bit in issue 6 and 7, but it doesn't really take me out from the stories. I give the last issue and overall event 3.5 out 5. While it was a good event, it wasn't really the type of story that new reader can jump in. However, the fact that this event has a very good ending kind of satisfy me.

What do you think of the event ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. This will be the last US comic that I'll be reviewing but I'll probably be reviewing Malaysian comic in the future. Be sure to like us at Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic for more updates. Finally keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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