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Update on Comikrew 10 event !!

As we are not past through PUMSA Malaysian Night, the focus is not shift to Comikrew next big event, Comikrew 10, the 10 years anniversary of Comikrew Studio !!

Last time we give an update on the event, few titles have been confirmed. For this update, we finally have a better look of the banner and when the titles are set to be released with several changes in it.

On December 2014, we will released two titles; Cyber Brawler and From Comikrew's Vault (which consist of  3 shorts). In January 2015, we will be releasing National Crisis : Attack of the Batu Belah and a new announced shorts, Parker's Guidebook of Dating. In February, instead of Chronicle : Helios Dragon, we will be getting Chronicle : The Untold Dante-Nia story. In March, Diari Malaysia Asyikin finally returns with 'The Love Entries' and finally in April 2015, My Boifren is a Superhero will be released in shorts format instead of a series as previously announced.

On the order of the released : 
We finally get a little bit of time to breath after Malaysian Night. However, we are way behind in the new titles hence that's why the titles that are released first are the one that is ready for post-production. 

On the removal of Chronicle : Helios Dragon :
We are giving Chronicle a hiatus after the end of Pirate Brotherhood to allow a little bit of rewrite. Chronicle : The Untold Dante-Nia Story will be a cannon in the series but this story act as an intermission for the series.

On the newly announced titles:
Parker's Guidebook of Dating is based on the recently short story written by feettri himself, The Rule of Dating. We decided to adapt it into comic as it will be exciting to go back to our roots, the love story. That's also the same reason we decided to revisit Diari Malaysia Asyikin (DMA) . We always have a story for DMA but our pipeline is so full, the it got sideline. It is also a chance to rest from the heavy sci-fi and superhero genre and getting back into the genre we first started 10 years ago; sci-fi romance.

Comikrew10 kicks off as soon as Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood ends. Chronicle will then took a hiatus to give space for Comikrew 10 and we'll be taking a short break to focus on graduation after that.

What do you think of the title set to be released for Comikrew10 ? Which one do you excited the most ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. We still have one special announcement coming soon so be sure to stay tuned with us for that. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and be sure to keep following us here at Comikrew Studio !!


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