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Naruto Finale Review

Naruto reaches the end to day with a double issue. After 15 years of waiting, did the series gave a satisfying ending ? Hit the jump to know what we think about it. Beware: Spoiler for the previous 5 episodes and mild spoiler for the finale.

It was announced to end next week but the publisher decided to release a double issue this week concluding the whole series. The finale kicks off right after the cliffhanger of the last issue where the fight between Sasuke and Naruto ends with Sasuke give in to Naruto resolution however the fight cost both of their arm.

The two final issue is basically giving us the epilogue of the war and a monologue from Sasuke of how he really feel all this time and continues to the next chapter where we have the time skip of probably 6 years (probably more) later of the battle and where each of the characters is now.

Lets start with the wrap of the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. It has been well known that Masashi Kishimoto wants Naruto to be a story of a battle of will rather than a battle of action. So, the battle was structured in the classic Naruto style as possible and to me, to give both Naruto and Sasuke lost their arm was a good choice on Kishimoto's side because it shows that battle like this also has cost. You see people died around Naruto throughout the story but it never really give the weight because it doesn't affect him personally, and that's why taking his arm away was a good move.

However, this is where the ending suffer. The last arc was too long and we were focusing on this two character way too long when the readers was presenting when the montage of the post war, some of what are shown does not really make sense. One scene in particular was Ten Ten using the magical thingy (I even forgot the name of the thing) to suck in (out?) something (someone) ... I think you got what I mean.

Chapter 699 is a not satisfying epilogue in term of there is a lot of loose end. Why did Tsunade step down as Hokage, Obito might appointed Kakashi to be the next Hokage but it doesn't have to be right away ?  There is also some hint of a new enemy related to Zetsu (this is probably for the movie) but again it was never explained.

Chapter 700 brought us the time skip and again it the style of montage. It was satisfying to see where all the characters are but not all. We never knew what happen to Orochimaru and companies (especially the clearly now frustrated Uzumaki Karin) and we never knew what did Sasuke learned throughout his journey though we do got a hint that  he returned  to Konoha in between or Sakura followed on his journey in between by the existance of the daughter (which is creepily like Karin).

One thing that these two chapters suffer is the abundant amount of fan service. What happen in the finale was exactly what the fans one, in fact every single thing you see in the finale is what the fans one. While I am all okay with giving what the fans want, I do believe that withholding some of that will give a better ending.

Another thing is that the need to reveal everything in chapter 700 and maintaining the status quo. You'll see in chapter 700 that literally nobody dies in between that period and everybody is shown happy. Fullmetal Alchemist is still to me is considered has the best ending in the sense that it wrap up the  main characters well but did not show what happen to everyone. I mean it should be at least more that 6 years, and the kage from Earth country is still alive and you need to show to readers that he still alive ? That is very unnecessary. When that happen, it makes the reader want to know, well how about Karin ? How about Yamato ?

Overall, just like what I comment on Facebook, it was a satisfying, rush, and fan service ending.  The love side of this story may be explained in the movie this December but I don't think they would explained the love story between Shikamaru and Temari or Chouji and some Earth village girl (Does everyone has to got married in the end ?) . Overall I give the ending 3.5 out 5. Good ending but the fan service make it a little bit dissapointing.

What do you think of the finale of Naruto ? Leave your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for the review of Interstellar this Saturday. Be sure to like us on Facebook and keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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