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Review Death Of The Family Prologue - BATMAN #13

        Few months ago, DC Comic decided to announce the return of The Joker in The Death of The Family crossover between Batman-related title. Yesterday marked the beginning of this arc with Batman #13 and Batgirl #13. However, for my review this time, I'll solely focus on Batman #13 which The Joker make his first appearance after a year.

        Who didn't like Joker especially after the Late Heath Ledger successfully portrait the character in The Dark Knight. Most of us who didn't really familiar with the comic Joker, we will be directed to it as the Prince of Clown is mentioned. On the other hand, Death of the Family was also a significant arc in Batman comic. It is the moment where Jason Todd was killed and marked the birth of Red Hood. Now the bat-family is getting bigger, can the New 52 Death of the Family maintain its former reputation? It certainly promising.

         The Joker that you gonna see in Batman #13 is for sure nothing like Heath's. After his face got peeled off, it sure show how distorted and scary he has been. The storyline is full of surprise and in every moment you're trying to figure out what the Joker gonna do. The best part of it is Scott Snyder; the author, is incorporating everything that you have seen in the previous Batman comic back into this story, making it more memorable to us.

        The art was wonderful. Maybe Joker looks a little bit mess with his face peeled off and a strapping belt around his neck but it does the deliver the message. Gordon is presented very well with his fear toward the Joker while Batman, always deducing and thinking what is his nemesis plan. That is good because it really show the detective part of the Batman.

        The story for now is promising and I hope it maintain as so (unlike AVX). I really suggested you all to get this especially if you're just started to follow American comic because it doesn't really touched what happen in the previous 12 issues of Batman. Another advise, if you want to get it, it is best to get it now because it comes with a collectors edition cover. How does it look like? You'll know.

        Well that is my review. I'll give Batman #13 5 stars for the excellent beginning and looking forward this arc. For those who have read it, what do you think about it? Sound your thought at the comment section !!!


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