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October 10 marked the beginning of a new superhero origins series after smallville left few years ago. The series entitled Arrow will focus another heroes from DC Comic; Green Arrow. Another part of this story that is interesting is it based on a world where there is no superpower which is half-connected with our CHU. Today, I'll be reviewing the first episode of Arrow and hopefully this will help you to decide whether to follow or not to follow the series after this.

     Arrow basically tells the story of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who was stranded on an island for five years before he was found by some Chinese fisherman. As he returned to Starling City (apparently they think to have a city name Star City was to cartoon-ish to them), he is completely change and decided to make right to all his mistake by stopping the corrupted guy in the city guided by his father notebook (I mean like a real notebook not a galaxy note or ipad).  To do that he create an alter ego know as Arrow.

     Stephen Amell for now done quite a well done job playing as a superhero billionaire (yes, he's also a billionaire). He manages to show the carefree part of him (more to Robert Downey Jr. style) and the serious dark part of him (more to Christian Bale style). I guess what lack of Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne is he fail to show the playboy part of Bruce Wayne. Going out with many girl at the same time doesn't mean you're playboy. However, Stephen doesn't need to do that to show it.

       Kate Cassidy playing Laurel Lance; Oliver's  love interest  which for now still doesn't shown much of her character. Laurel doesn't like Lana Lang for Smallville where she's always needed to be saved every episode. Laurel is shown to be an independent woman. I hope she doesn't end up being in a extremely ridiculous state like Lana too. The chemistry between Kate and Stephen is not seen much yet due to the first episode mainly focus on Oliver himself.

       In term of action, most of the action look interesting though some might look like some cheap stunt (remember when Oliver jump over the wire). However, there is not much arching action shown as Oliver basically most of the time use his bow like a staff rather than like bow (You know what I mean). I also hope to see more variety of arrow in the future episode.

      Suit? For now all the characters shown that will make appearance in Arrow are wearing suit that are almost similar to their comic counterpart (some are not because to remove the details that might related to superpower). Yet, they are still maintaining the leather jacket with pants style like Smallville. I like Arrow suit but I would prefer it to be sleeveless like his comic costume. Besides, that might help to attract girl especially it show at least his tough hand after you've shown his shirtless picture as a promotion.

          Arrow first episode is not absolutely great. There is some hole here and there but it is promising for me. With more DC Comic characters are expected to appear, this is one story that you should take a look. For now I'll gives Arrow a four stars.

         So does my review help? What do you think about Arrow? Sound your thought at the comment section !!!


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