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Hi, guys !!! So today (US Time) marks the end of one of Marvel biggest storyline; Avengers vs X-Men. Sounds awesome especially for those who not really been following them. I mean come on Avengers consist of Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk go toe-to-toe with X-Men consist of Cyclops, Gambit, and Magneto !!! How awesome is that right?! Well, that was I think when I first heard it but after the stories end. Does it? Well, I'm telling you first, this is full of  SPOILER !!! Don't read if you are planning to get the collection later.

              The story starts by focusing directly to the another two X-Men storyline; House of M and Messiah CompleX. Mutant has been at distinction and those who are left are putting their hope to a young mutant known as Hope. Hope was told that she are destined to be the next Phoenix host (Remember Jean Grey in X-Men 3? Yeah, that kind of host). The story started when The Phoenix arrives at earth to find this so-called host. However, not everyone thinks like Cyclops. The Avengers think that the Phoenix Force should be destroyed and Hope shouldn't just accept it . Well, that is when the battle started.

              The story starts very strong. The plot is strong; Phoenix Force is a big threat in Marvel Universe. X-Men is very desperate to avoid themselves from extinction while The Avengers, well, they just need to maintain their status quo. Most people was really happy to see this coming because X-Men has been in their own little world since Messiah CompleX. As Round I opens, most people know this gonna be a storyline that beats Civil War. Unfortunately, it is wrong. It does not even reach the level that Civil War ever gives to the fan.

               What when wrong? First the story manages to gives a twist issue by issue, especially when Iron Man breaks The Phoenix and instead going to Hope, it enters to five X-Men (Cyclops , Emma Frost, Namor, Magik, Colossus) making them super powerful and announce war to The Avengers. However, the momentum slowly decrease when Prof. X return and goes to a list cliche storyline after that. Come on, the captured Avengers sent to prison made of hell on earth? Tony Stark did the same on those who against S-HRA during Civil War. People can even predict its gonna be Cyclops who become the Dark Phoenix right after he attacks Kun Lun (Emma Frost would be a great twist though).

              The story starts off slow and steady before goes extremely rush when the finish three member of Phoenix five in two issue !! (WTF?) I know it is just 12 issue but please, you just make The Avengers half dead in the previous eight issue and all of sudden, you just need Scarlet Witch, and Spiderman to beat two of them? Seriously?  Some of the fight is also done poorly on the second half of the book. Prof X and Cyclops mind battle should be emotional but it didn't even able to make sob...

              The worst mistake I think is the final issue. Well, most of the critics thinks the same too. It is the worst conclusion I 've ever seen in a comic book !!! Avengers vs X-Men should be the turning stone of Marvel but it does the job, it a bad way. They put too many Easter Egg and teaser inside. The emotional factor was completely gone and Cyclops, oh well, he's becoming a scapegoat for Marvel Now. The final battle was done so poorly, if feels like you are watching the scene of killing each other with the stupid blinking and shaky camera in The Hunger Games.  In the end, Avengers vs. X-Men just turned out to be a prologue to Marvel Now and the reborn of Mutant (You don't need Avengers just to tell a story about the reborn of Mutant !!! )

              In the end, AVX was disappointing. The story that started off so strong ended up so poor. It does it job to create a new beginning in Marvel but unlike Civil War, House of M, or even Secret Invasion or even Siege, they fail to give the twist ending the proper way. DC has done much better in setting the new beginning with The New 52 and The Zero Month. Its DC 2, Marvel 0.For this, I gives AVX 3.5 Stars.


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