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New stuff in Comikrew Studio !!

Hi, guys !! Well if you check it out on Comikrew Studio lately, you'll see some new stuff is up on our blog !! So, here I'll gonna tell you a little bit for those who don't know what new stuff we have here.

Comikrew Studio Website.
Awesome isn't it? We finally have a website !!! It still in the process of development but you see some stuff is on it know and you can expect more in the future !! Most of the stuff is typically the same as what you can find here but check it out regularly because there is a lot more coming up there soon !!

A new section which is also a part of Comikrew Studio website. There you can find a lot of illustration from Comikrew Studio from comic cover to poster and teaser to concept art, even osme historical artwork that you might never seen it before !! We'll try to keep it up to date from time to time !! 

Old stuff but we're trying to update all the video produce by Comikrew Video Studio or we're a part of the production. Trust me, there is a lot of it !!

CHU Character info
This is the most awesome part of all !! You can reach this from our website too. We given you the chance to read the most confidential stuff of all things in Comikrew Studio !!! All the important info of the characters will be here !!! We have Cim and Aswad for now but it will add up from time to time !!!

There will be some new features that will meeting you'll soon but we keep it as a secret for now. What do you think of all this new stuff? Sound off your thought in the comment section and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!!


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