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First Look at The Spade #1

Hei guys, its been a great time in Comic Book World now. Marvel NOW! is coming to us, the epic saga Death of the Family has started, Arrow is getting better and better. So, today I take the opportunity to show the first look of the first CHU 0RIGIN comic that will come out next week; The Spade !!

  • Aoi's Love Diary continues with the story fast forward a few years later !!
  • The tragedy that will lead to the birth of The Spade will be revealed !!
  • As Casey and Aoi relationship reaches to its peak, a new rival appear and this one will do anything to get Aoi.

 The Spade will be out at MangaMagazine.Net next week. Don't forget to check it out and be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!! Sound what you think about The Spade in the comment section !!


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