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Comic Terminology and Jargon

I think it has been long since the last time I talk about terminology and jargon, so today I think I talk about it a little bit.
    Last time I post about this, it was about terms we use in the movie. So this time I will toich on the terms used in comic so when your partner is a comic geek like me, you're able to understand at least most of the thing he said. For today I will talk about term used for type of comic that is published
1. One-shot
One-shot has nothing to do with gun fight or knock out. It is actually a term that we use to classify a comic that only published for one issue. No second issue and so one.
2. Tie-in
Tie-in is kind of new term and currently being popularly used in movie too. Tie-in refer to comics that are published as their own comic but at the same time they also so sort otlf prequel to another comic. Marvel Cinematic Universe first phase: The Avengers, all the marvel movies before that served as the tie-in for The Avengers.
3. Crossover
Crossover is when two comic of different characters appeared in each other comic and having the same storyline.  However, the characters remain as the main character in their respectives comic and the other kind of like guest star.
4. Filler
Fillet is popularly used in manga. It is an episode that is published that usually tell the story about the character (history etc) but never serve any function to the main storyline or current storyline e.g. Kakashi Gaiden. Filler is usually done during he transition between two different arc ( arc will be explained in the next post ).
5. On-going
On-going means that the comic is still currently been published.
6. Hiatus
Hiatus means the comic is still being published but currently being stop or suspended for a while usually due to personal problem or transition of arc
7. On rest
On rest means that the comic is not published for a specific dates usually because of hoiday or transition of arc.
     I'll gonna stop here mainly because I don't want to run out of my phone battery but well more terminology in the next post. Chiaoo !! Don't forget to sound your thought on the comment section !!!


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