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CHU begins here !!!

Well, after quite a while I stop talking about CHU, now I'm back to talk about it with a style that most of Marvel fan will recognized. So, as MangaMagazine now become a place where you can read all the comic from Comikrew Studio which currently only Aoi's Love Diary is available but have no fear more will come soon. But, it is also mark the beginning of a whole new era of Comikrew Studio as we leave behind the chronicle of Tri (well, most of it) and enter Comikrew Heroes Universe.

       Recently Marvel begins to tease all their fan with an one word poster that actually represent a comic that will be launched after the end of Avengers vs X-Men (which the review will coming soon here in Comikrew Studio). After looking how interesting this teaser is, we decided to do the same too with ours. Starting from today, you will be seeing one word teaser for our CHU too !! So, for today, here you go !!!

       " EXILED" opened our teaser for CHU. Who do you think this will be? Well, Building a better Universe part 2 would be a good reference for this question. Sound your thought at the usual place !!


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