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Comikrew 2017 preview

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017 !! So, if you followed the FB pages , then you should have seen the Welcome 2017 poster with 4 characters filling it up. So, to kick start 2017, lets check out what's coming to Comikrew in this what expected to be a busy year.

Lets start off with our usual January preview first. I'm going out this January, so expect the updates to be a little bit of slow. But this month, I have my submission for DonK finally hit Tapastic this January, marking the return of Comikrew Love Story. Also, Chronicle will kicks off a new arc as well as the prologue for Love Marathon this coming February.

Secret of Batu Belah (Jan 17, 2017)

  • Return to Comikrew Love Story with another take of Malaysia infamous folklore.
  • What mystery hidden in the cursed rock that took so many life.
  • An archaeologist tries to uncover the secret behind it.
  • Unknown to her, she's about to become its next victim.

Chronicle (Jan 31, 2017)

  • Chronicle kicks off a new arc with a prologue to Love Marathon.
  • The Paramount is heading to an unknown destination and love is filling up the ship.
  • Amy and Danzo had a moment of reunion and that moment lead to a memory back in Central
  • Witness the beginning of the event that destroy their love.

Of course, in January I'll be covering my 10 most anticipated movie of this year down the line and will be announcing who won last year CKOM as the result will be given out of January 15th.

Now that, we got pass through January, lets peek into the future a bit more and tease on more exciting thing to come. That being said, it has already been shown in my Welcome 2017 poster, as it features four characters that no doubt will took the spotlight this year.

This year is what I considered as the 'Girl Power' moment of Comikrew as at the front line of every story Comikrew released this year has a woman headlining it. Both Love Marathon has Amethyst Thompson (the one in number 2) and Sherry Holmes (the one in number 1) as the focus. Earth Union will introduced us to Roxanne Simpson (the one in number 0) as the focus and I'll be releasing my final part of the story that started with Eid's Love Story with Ziera (the one in number 70 as the main character.

Love Marathon

First off is the return of Love Marathon in February. Unlike last year, this year it will consist of three parts story from Chronicle and a one-shot from Comikrew Love Story. Chronicle's story will be focusing on Amethyst's backstory in Love Story in Central I-III and will kicks off on February 10th. Comikrew Love Story's How I Met Sherry Holmes will be released at the last month of February.

Chronicle : Earth Union

While the arc started in conjunction with Love Marathon, it passed that the main story really starts. Earth Union will deal with the fallout of Helios Dragon as we see Azu Muto forms an uneasy alliance with Pirate Brotherhood. This is the turning that you've been waiting for as after this arc, all hell will break loose.

Comikrew's Eid Event
This is the only one that has been planned but yet to get a tease. 2017 Eid event will consist of four one-shot that happens in the same universe. Two of them set to release during the Ramadhan while the other two will be release during Eid. This year theme will be 'Whether it's today or tomorrow, some tradition never changes' and each story will set in the future will the earth had suffered from a massive civil war and how that affect the people celebrate Ramadhan and Eid. This will actually be a bit darker than my normal Eid story and hopefully it able to give a different taste to the reader.

The Promise
The Promise is also another short series that will be released on the second half of the year. This series will conclude the stories that started with Eid's Love Story and will be focusing on the backstory of Ziera. Also if you been longing for more Asnida's story after her short appearance in last year Love Marathon, she will be returning in this story as Tri and her will reunite making it the last hurdle for Ziera to take down. The Promise is set to release in July and will run once a month.

And that's about it for my 2017 preview. Of course, throughout 2017 I'll be doing movie/comic review as it choked full of exciting movie this year. I'll be maybe attending this year DFKL workshop but that is not any form of confirmation yet.

So which comic that you are excited the most ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. I'll be putting my 10 most anticipated movie of the year next week (try to, as I'm actually out of town) so to keep updated with that be sure to follow and like Comikrew right here or on Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and finally follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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