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MILLIONS apologies but I'm BACK !!

It was tough but after a month of silence, Comikrew Studio is finally back !! Millions apologize for those who have been waiting for new post but before we move forward, lets catch up with those we have missed.

First up, Chronicle concludes its Pirate Brotherhood arc with chapter 21 and 22.
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Chronicle #21 : Saving Amir Al-Khain (resolution)
  • The mission to save Amir Al-Khain reaches its conclusion.
  • Can the team escapes from the high security prison ?
  • Who would be the sacrifice at the end of this ?
Chronicle #22 : As The Dust Settles
  • The epilogue of Pirate Brotherhood.
  • Pat Allenbach receives a consequences of challenging The Demon's Son
  • A new player enter the game with a tremendous power.
  • The story jumps back to the past with Adventure in Datartas.

Next, the ultimate conclusion of National Crisis with chapter 19
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 National Crisis #19 : Epilogue of Malaysia's Finest
  • The Malaysian Superheroes story concludes here with a special epilogue.
  • There is a monster attack and the team is going to stop it.
  • A twist of origin in a famous Malay folklore.
 Finally Skuad Satria concludes its main storyline with chapter 12 and explore The Spade's origin in chapter 13.
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Skuad Satria #12 : Konklusi Krisis
  • The conclusion for the main storyline of Skuad Satria.
  • Can Cim stops Scoutsknight from going nuts ?
  • How does this incident changes the nation ?
  • In the end, who is the one that actually win the war ?
  • Skuad Satria will go on a hiatus for the rest of the month before a new arc begins.

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Skuad Satria #13 : Hari-Hari Terakhir Casey Alcott
  •  A new storyline begins in Skuad Satria.
  • Who is The Spade ?
  • What tragedy befalls him that cause him to become what he is now ?
And there we have catch up with what have happened back in September. While I finally got an internet connection, I might be out of town or the connection is bad where I am, so the best place to keep in touch with me is either Facebook pages; Comikrew Studio or my Tapastic account. So be sure to like and subscribe to that to be up to date. Stay tune for Comikrew October Preview later this week, but till then keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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