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feettri talks about Chronicle :Earth Union and the ending of Helios Dragon

Chronicle is returning to Comikrew with the new arc; Earth Union. Helios Dragon kicks off with a three year gap, so what can expect from Earth Union ? and how does the story connected with the upcoming event; Love Marathon ? Hit the jump to find out.

Chronicle returns next week with a new arc; Earth Union. As previously tease at the end of Helios Dragon, this arc is where all hell break loose. What does that actually mean ? And will we finally see the return of Dante ?

Before we go into Earth Union, lets talk a little bit about the end of Helios Dragon.
The big, well sort of, reveal was Helios Dragon's real name. The initial plan was to make that reveal to have bigger effect, or acting as a cliffhanger but of course as we found it didn't end up that way. It does however establishing Amir Al-Khain as more imposing figure. To have information that was actually gone, allow reader to see there's more of this guy that we have actually see.

We also got Nia Azmir on board now. She is one of the late rewrite done to fit the future storyline, as tease at the end of that chapter in which she will be the one who search for Dante next.

So from that, where does Earth Union picks up ?
Earth Union picks up immediately after Helios Dragon. 'Earth Union' will be the element that propel the story and what brings The Brotherhood to NEST. We get to see a glimpse of NEST earlier in 'Pirate Brotherhood', so in this arc we will get to know the character deeper.
First look of NEST 
As I mentioned at the end of Helios Dragon this is the arc where 'All Hell Break Loose'. By the end of Earth Union, we will actually get a clear picture of who is the good guy and the bad guy. I'm sure some of you pretty much guess who's who but, I can assure you there's more twist and turn in this upcoming arc.

Chronicle will be in part of Comikrew's Love Marathon this year, what can we expect from that ?
Throughout the Love Marathon, we will be having a three part backstory of Amy and Danzo. This is supposed to be a part of Helios Dragon, however due to the story structure, we didn't get a chance to put it. It is fortunate I guess because it fit nicely for Love Marathon.
Chronicle : Love Marathon

What are you hope from this arc ?
Earth Union is one of those comic that I tried to experiment again. This time with a non-linear story telling. The inspiration came from Scott Snyder's run of Batman few years back. In that he mixed up the flashback all together but all of them make sense in the end. In Earth Union, the flashback jump all over the place depending on what the particular chapter and it will help showing what will happen by the end of this arc, so my hope that the reader will enjoy connecting the piece as the story heading to its turning point.

Why should the reader excited for Earth Union ?
Earth Union, as I mentioned again and again, is the turning point. All the mystery, well some, will be explained in this particular arc and you would not want to miss it. I should warn you though, if you are expecting the return of Dante McSergei, might have to wait a little longer as he'll only be teased in this arc.

Are you excited with Earth Union ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Chronicle: Earth Union returns January 31st and will be a part of Love Marathon throughout February. To stay up to date with my comic, be sure to follow and like Comikrew Studio on Facebook, and don't forget to subscribe to my comic at Tapastic. Finally, follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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