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This February, Comikrew Studio will have its first 2016 event; Love Marathon. What is Love Marathon ? What you should you be expecting from this event ? Hit the jump to find out.

After a rather quiet January, Comikrew Studio kicks off its first 2016 event with Love Marathon. Released through Comikrew Love Story at Tapastic, this event will consist of three one-shot each focusing on a love story throughout the month of February.

Why the name Love Marathon ?
Marathon is a theme coined for something that is happening back to back. And as we know Comikrew Love Story episode only released on announcement basis. Hence when I decided to release three episodes back to back, the word marathon immediately comes in mind, and I decided to run with it, pun intended.

Tell a little bit about each episodes ?
We have three episodes, well four as the second story is released in two parts. The first one is Bloodline Lovehate, a return to Superhero genre. For those who familiar with me pre-Tapastic, they might recognize this as the origin story of Badang though the angle of the story has been changed focusing on the love angle.
Badang from a previous project
 The second one is When Love Meets Anger. This marks the returns of my favorite character from my previous project, SMAP and the return of Dr. Latiffa. This is the one that will be released in two parts. The last one is End Is Not Now which some might recognize as my submission for last Malaysia Online Comic Challenge. I can assure you the feeling will be different when reading in English as most of my comics.

Bukan Penamat, the submission for Malaysia Online Comic Challenge

At what stages the event right now ?
Bloodline LoveHate just finished this week and I'll be moving ahead for post-production for When Love Meet Anger. End Is Not Now is just waiting to be translated.

Any other you want to let the readers now ?
Each of the episode is actually a pilot for my future project. The closest one is actually When Love Meet Anger that is set to released next year. So watch closely for future announcement on what this comic will lead to ?

Your hope for this event ?
I do realize while Chronicle is my main title now, Comikrew Love Story gains a lot more reader. I hope those readers will enjoy it and it will attract new readers that in turns check out my other comic. I really hope throughout this three episodes, I may find a middle point for the comic that I enjoy to draw and the comic that the reader enjoy to read.

So are you excited for Love Marathon ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Love Marathon will kicks off on February 12 with Bloodline LoveHate, so be sure to head off to Tapastic on that date. Don't forget to like and follow Comikrew Studio right here and on Facebook, also subscribe to my comic at Tapastic so you wouldn't miss a thing. Finally, follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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