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Comikrew10 first trailer has been released

As December approaching (well, we already in December), Comikrew10 is getting near. In kicking off the event, the first trailer along covers for the special issues has been released.

Comikrew10 marks 10 years of Comikrew Studio being established. Few weeks ago the first teaser poster has been released along with the solicitation of the special issues. Throughout last week, cover previews has been released for the special issues and yesterday the first trailer has been released for the events.

The trailer did not revealed much of what can be expected from the event but we do get a quick montage of the decade journey of Comikrew Studio. If you miss the chance to check it out , we have posted here on the site as well down below.

And as you can see in the thumbnail, several cover previews has been released for the special issue.  If you miss that also, here are the covers along with its solicitation.

From Comikrew Vault
  • Three love stories from previously unpublished Comikrew Studio shorts.
  • 2010's Color of Our Love discovers the love stories in college.
  • 2012's More That the Book's Cover tells the stories of love takes more than the first sight.
  • 2009's Love is a Painful Memory deals with the suffering brought by love.

National Crisis #9 : Attack of the Batu Belah
  • Another one shot from National Crisis !!
  • The team has to faced a new form of enemy.
  • Witness the new origin of Batu Belah.

Parker's Guidebook of Dating
  • Based on a short story Rules of Dating
  • In choosing who you're dating, you must follow the pyramid of dating.
  • For a first timer, Parker will discover dating is a complicated mess.

Chronicle : The Untold Dante-Nia Story
  • Chronicle goes into hiatus with this intermission chapter.
  • The love struggle between these two enemies continues.
  • What unite two person more that love; a mutual enemy.

What do you think of the trailer and previews of the upcoming special issue ? Are you excited for Comikrew10. Sound off your thought down below. Also, which part of time of Comikrew Studio you recognized the most ? Stay tuned for more updates and review on Arrow-Flash crossover. Be sure to like us on Facebook and keep follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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