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CW brought their first superhero crossover with Arrow and Flash this week. As the world collides for the first time, did the crossover manage to maintain authenticity of both world ? Hit the jump to know our thought.

The crossover kicks off with Flash on Tuesday and followed by Arrow the after. In The Flash episode, the Arrow team was brought to Central City chasing a killer with a boomerang and was dragged into a case that Barry is trying to solve instead. The stories continues in Arrow as the hunt of the killer continue and Barry and his team drop by in Starling City to help solving the case.

A good part of this crossover is that the writer manage to maintain both element that the show has. The Flash is always about the fun and bright world of superhero (Superman : TAS) while Arrow is the dark and gritty world of superhero (Batman : TAS) . I'll explained what's the deal with the comparison in the parenthesis later.  However at the same time, you have the element of the other show leak (I would say spilled in term of Arrow episode) into the other one.

One point that I really of the crossover is that a lot of  elements that we the audience feel unacceptable in both world is addressed very well. How Arrow is this guy who just stabbed someone with his arrow and still considered as a her, or how people are fine with seeing someone who can run with a speed of light. To have these two shows with a very different tone really allow them to have fun with that.

Also good job of bringing two of most ridiculous DC villain and making them cool. In Flash, they brought Chroma or Rainbow Rider. I wish I could see more of what he can do but of course it is about Flash and Arrow in that episode and of course, Captain Boomerang. That first scene in Argus was spectacular.

However, this crossover is certainly not the episode of the both show. The whole base of this crossover is driven by Arrow and by the end of the episode, the one that is develop more is Oliver Queen. Sure, Flash learns something by the end of his show but Oliver seems to steal the show and his character was expanded with the last scene at Jitters. In Arrow, it was definitely all Arrow and Ollie. Flash and his team definitely just drop by. However, Cisco certainly brought a lot of joke in the Arrow episode.

The special effect looks a little bad in the crossover as well. There are part in the Flash episode that it was obvious Flash was added later in the scene and Stephen Amell being beaten in that awesome scene was obviously react from nothing.  Also what's the deal with the weird explosion in the last scene of Arrow episode.

Also, the comparison I make earlier actually brought me to the Batman-Superman TAS crossover. Both Arrow and Flash has similar tone with Batman:TAS and Superman:TAS respectively.  It started to become more and more obvious they are taking the formula which I think they should start get away from that.

Overall, Flash episode looks more exciting with the stunt from Arrow. I would say the writer should take a note of that. I do think the stunt that make Arrow for exciting. Arrow episode on the hand is just the same old Arrow episode. I give the crossover event 3.0 out of 5.0. It was a great crossover but there was too much Arrow in both episodes and at some point, you could feel like the appearance of both heroes is unnecessary.

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