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As the year comes to close, it is time to recap of the big news of comic book world for 2014 our style; in the alphabetical order. Hit the jump to find out what news that got the place.

A - Ant-Man
Ant-Man almost crushed Marvel brand trust when Edgar Wright walked away from Ant-Man after 8 years of developing it. While Marvel managed to replace him with Peyton Reed, it seems like Ant-Man will having a tough time to grab people attention.

B - Batman 75

This year we are celebrating  75 years anniversary of Batman. Scott Snyder is crushing it with Batman Eternal and Ben Affleck is seemingly gaining fan trust after his performance in Gone Girl. This is an icon that will live forever.

C - Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman is a great actor but he's finally getting the recognition he deserves for as he has been cast for Marvel's Black Panther. Just in one day, he is know one of a fan favorite. Expect to see him in Captain America : Civil War.

D - DC Cinematic Universe
After thousands of speculation, Kevin Tsujihara finally revealed the line-up DC Cinematic Universe. Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad in 2016, Wonder Woman and Justice League:Part I in 2017, Flash and Aquaman in 2018, Shazam and Justice League:Part II in 2019, and finally Cyborg and Green Lantern reboot in 2020.

E - Eye am your future
DC kicked off a new event that also started a brilliant weekly series Futures End. It is a great story about AI and time travel (Age of Ultron), also the future Batman, my god, wasn't that scary ? This will lead to Convergence which is bother me a little bit, but it is still the a great stand alone story.

F - Flash
Flash returned to the small screen.Grant Gustin is great as Barry Allen and while the CGI sometimes is noticeable, it is still a great story and the portrayal of Captain Cold is great. But not to forget, Flash will getting a large screen movie in 2018 portrayed by Ezra Miller.

G - Guardian of the Galaxy
Guardian of the Galaxy managed to become the surprise hit this year. It managed to elevate Chris Pratt career. Also you got to give this movie a credit especially its ability to make a racoon and tree a major star. Not to forget, Howard the freaking Duck.

H - Hail Hydra
Now, what a twist. This twist not just change the universe forever but also make a TV series that about to die watchable (Agent of Shield), and produce thousands of new memes.. This might become a trend after this just like how Joker getting caught intentionally to commit his plan become a plan in every single movie.   

I - Inhuman
3 Marvel back to back ? After the chemistry changes due to the event in Winter Soldier, Agent of Shield finally kicked off the Inhuman universe. This however worried because under TV budget and on a TV series that barely people watch it, this might not be the place to kick off Inhuman.

J - Jared Leto
In a great casting by DC for its Suicide Squad, one stood out the most. Jared Leto has been cast as the new Joker. I never seen any of his performance, but I have seen a clip where he did a maniacal laugh and it is dead on.

K - Korrasami
After four season and a very controversial journey, Legend of Korra finally wraps off, but not with the most great ending of the series . The Korrasami fan screamed to joy at the very final scene. A bold move from the creator that may change the landscape of animation forever.

L - Lex Luthor is a Leaguer
One the big changes after Forever Evil is that Lex Luthor joins the Justice League. While some might see it as a ridiculous move because well, he is a villain, Geoff Johns manage to construct a story that is still interesting to read and I love to see where this is going.

M - Multiversity
I never read any of Grant Morrison works before but man, if you haven't read Multiversity, you should. DC made a good choice here expanding the idea of Multiversity with him. It is one thing two writes two titles at the same time, but two write a different title with a different tone every month, you got to be super great writer.

Of course another big ending this year is Naruto. While there is a rumor a third is in the making, it was a great ending to a great stories nonetheless. And of course a confirmation that Naruto is getting together with Hinata. While I'm glad to see Sakura finally get together with Sasuke, I'm sad there is no love for Karin.

O - Oscar Isaac
Now, this guy is no one before last year. He took the nerd world by joining the cast of Star Wars episode 7. But now, he is putting his name among nerd as one of X-Men greatest villain; Apocalypse. First of all, I'm glad he did not get any backlash like William Fitchner does when he was cast as Shredder. I guess not many people really know the back story of Apocalypse.

P - Peter Parker is back
Peter Parker finally returns in the Spiderman suits. While some part of his life is getting better especially with Parker Industry, others seemingly turns upside down due to Doc. Ock's action when their mind swaps. Now, he had to team up with Spiderman from multiple universe in the ongoing Spider-Verse event.

Q - Quiksilver 
Quiksilver took this letter again (well, because no many thing starts with Q), but this time not from its controversial double appearance. This time it is for the amazing sequence in X-Men : Days of Future Past. It has now become the new benchmark of super speed sequence in all big budget movies.

R - Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds will returns as Deadpool. This project comes to a halt due to the character portrayal in X-Men Origin: Wolverine. The leak test footage clearly kicked off fan interest. With the movie now has a set released date, it is quickly one of the most anticipated upcoming movies.

S- Suicide Squad
Another big DC news this year is that the Suicide Squad has been cast. Of course, one of the celebrated cast is Margot Robbie as Harley Queen and one of the most surprised and probably hated is Will Smith as Deadshot. David Ayer is directing and is set to be released on 2016 following Batman v. Superman.

T - The Hackening
Sony was under major problem when its database was hacked and thousands of emails and secret documents were leaked. One in particular is the meeting with Marvel in discussing the possibility of Spiderman to make a cameo in MCU (specifically in Civil War), while I am all on board seeing Spiderman appeared in MCU, I do think the universe is already crowded as it is right now.

U - Ultron
"There's no string on me". That quotes become so significant just in  day. The trailer of Age of Ultron debut and it caught everyone attention. We got to see Marvel's Quiksilver for the first time, and also a ballet sequence ?  However, the one that excites people the most has to be Hulkbuster vesus of course The Hulk himself.

V- Vision
After providing the voice of Jarvis, Paul Bettany finally got a face after he being cast as the Vision. His look in concept art and poster looks cool but we have yet to see he's moving so it is still unknown if he will be moving like a robot or more like human.

W - Wolverine R.I.P.
Marvel took a bold move by killing one of its most popular mutant; Wolverine. However, it seems like it doesn't really work well for Marvel, as he sort of returns next year in his owns weekly series. Is Marvel trying to pull off a Damian Wayne situation here ?

X- X-Men. Avengers United
To fit this letter, I reverse the arrangement of what I considered a disappointing  event this year; AXIS. They only worked together for three issues and then it was a bunch of Forever Evil rip-off. However, I do like this event because this the first Marvel event that I read that did not lead to another event (I think Original Sin was the same, but I didn't read it).

Y - You're crowding the TV.
In term of TV series, DC is no doubt better than Marvel, but it seems like DC is making a big mistake here by green lighting more and more TV shows. I mean sure the currently four (Arrow, Flash, Gotham, and Constantine) on air now are doing great, but a Supergirl and Krypton series at the same time (on different channel), also Titan with Dick Grayson ?

Z - Zinger of an event

Now this is a tough one because there is almost nothing happened in comic book world that related with Z,, so this is very forced. However nothing better to close this year by mentioning the biggest announcement this year, Marvel Phase 3. Kicking it off is Captain America : Civil War and Doctor Strange in 2016, Guardian of the Galaxy, Thor : Ragnarok, and Black Panther in 2017, Avengers : Infinity War part I, Captain Marvel, and Inhumans in 2018 and closing it off is Avengers : Infinity War part II. This was a dream come true for most comic book fan and no doubt the comic book movie world just got more and more crowd.

So what do you think of our choice ? Do you think there is another events or news that should got the place ? What is the biggest comic book movie news for you this year ? Leave your thought in the comment section. Thank you for all your support throughout 2014. Like us on Facebook, subscribe us on Youtube and don't forget to follow us here at Comikrew Studio. Continue to support us in 2015 and see you all in the next post as we revealed our plan for 2015.


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