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While Forever Evil is still short of one issues, DC Comics has already kicks off their second events Futures Ends. What do we think of its first issue ? Hit the jump to find out.

Technically Futures End kicks off on issue 0 of Free Comic Book Days but unfortunately we couldn't grab it so the first issue would do. While issue 0 practically set up what has happened to future, issue 1 starts strong with Batman Beyond arrives to the past, the wrong past in his effort to stop the future from happening.

The first issue is still in its ambiguity however, several elements in the series that hook me to this build up of the events. First, this is an events that is not written by Geoff Johns. Geoff Johns is a great writer. I love his Justice League (with several misses) as well as Flashpoint and Forever Evils (for now) but I really wish there would be someone else to be in charge in big DC events. To see Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman) and Jeff Lemire (Justice League Dark) to be in charge in this book hints that this will be an event build by them.  Secondly, this book will focus on the minor characters. We'll know that Batman Beyond, Firestorm, Mr. Terrific, Grifter, and Frankenstein will be the main focus and several more minor characters are set to be featured as well. DC Comics has already a strong of main characters (The Justice League characters), so I'm glad this minor characters is brought to spotlight and showing that DC is not giving up on them. My only concern here is are they able to write the story without forcing the readers to check back the characters past issue because the book is a weekly issue and if they failed to do so, it will lost a lot of readers.

Story wise, I am not really sure yet as the first issue is pretty much just an introduction issue of the main player though we are shown a death of a Justice League member and a hint of a post-war situation on Earth (with Earth 2 ?or post Forever Evil ? ) . I really hope this will be at least a year build up events similar to Forever Evil (Forever Evil is a two years build up) because I getting tired of an events that lead up to another which is basically what Marvel is right now.

In term of arts, it is not necessarily bad but you see different design of the characters except for Batman Beyond of course. However, because it is future, I'm fine with it honestly.

My only problem with the comic is that they are still making Batman the best guy ever. Granted, he is but come on, he can't be the guy who survive in every event (he did survive in Forever Evil) and he is shown to survive at the very least from the main threat in this as well. I would love to see doesn't survive and Batman Beyond and Damian (though he is still died currently) takes the center stage. But, he is DC most precious characters so I'll let it pass.

Should you get it ? If you are ready for a weekly commitment then yes. I would say try to read issue one and decided from there. It is for me the best book from DC Comics if you want to check out others characters from the publisher and escape from their Justice League. I'll give 4.0 out 5 for this issue as it serves as a good jumping point but it is unable to show where this series moves forward.

What do you think of Futures End ? Do you enjoy it ? If yes why and if not, why ? Sound off your thought in the comments sections. Stay tuned for more news and comics updates from us. Be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio and don't forget also to like us on our Facebook pages.


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