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Comic Book and Movie news source.

If you have been wondering where do we got updates on comic book movies or movies news, today we give you some of interesting source you can check it out. Hit the jump the find out.

If you are the fans of Comic Book movie or just movie in general, you might wonder where you can legitimate news. So today, we have several sources of news that you can check out and be to keep up to date with this comic book movie world or just movie in general. is a fan website. It focuses more on the comic book movies (CBM) news with sometimes non CBM news. This is more of blog websites, where you can read the news, reviews or simply editorial from the writers. While it also covered rumors, you sometimes have the chances to get special scoop about CBM sometimes.

The Weekly Planet is a podcast is hosted by Mr.Sunday Movies . It is part of but if you are a listening guy then a reading guy, then this is the best channel for you. It has a very comedic take on the their news, topics, and reviews, so don't really expect seriousness in this. The Weekly Planet is updated every Monday. Mr.Sunday Movies do have a Youtube channel but you can get more from his podcast to be honest.

Beyond the Trailer on the other hand is a Youtube channel hosted by Grace Randolph. If you are more into serious news and want to know the business side of the movie, then this is the one for you. She has a daily Morning Movie News and occasionally review movies and do some editorial video. It is a very interesting channel but she may sometimes come as a little bit annoying as she has a very strong stands in her opinion compared to other and the serious tones of her channel sometimes cause viewers to be a little bit vocal as well.

Red Letter Media is a little bit different in the sense that they focus more on movie reviews. They are Youtube channel and also is on the comedic side of the spectrum. I'm not really interested in their new movie reviews but I do recommended to check out their Best of the Worst series where they discussed B-Movies or Bad movies in depth .

Machinima ETC
Machinima ETC is not necessarily a movie news Youtube channel but they do cover entertainment news sometimes. There are more like a one stop news center where they only cover the headlines of the day and again they are on the comedic side of the spectrum. Their video is short so if you have attention problem , this is one more suitable for you.

So there you go. Does this help you in any way to keep up to date with the CBM worlds or movies worlds ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates from us and be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio and also like us on our Facebook page; ComikrewStudio.


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