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Chronicle : The Demon's Son is now available at Tapastic

Its finally here !! The brand new ongoing from Comikrew Studio finally hit the web. Hit the jump to check out Chronicle: The Demon's Son.
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  • A new ongoing series with a brand new adventures.
  • Earth has been in war for hundred of years and now witness the beginning of the its end
  • Who is The Demon's Son, more importantly what is The Demon's Son ?

Chronicle is a brand new ongoing series from Comikrew Studio. When Trowa was saved by a mysterious guy, she was caught into a conflict that cause the war around the world. Rated T+ for mild violence, sexual reference, and partial nudity. 

What do you think of Chronicle: The Demon's Son ? Sound off your thought in the comment section !! Chronicle will continue with the second volume; Pirate Brotherhood set to be released in August. Be sure to check it out by then. Don't forget to like us at our Facebook pages; Comikrew Studio and be sure to keep following us at Comikrew Studio !!


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