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Captain America : The Winter Soldier review (mild spoiler)

Captain America : The Winter Soldier has been released in the United States today. Hit the jump to check out my review on the movie. BEWARE MILD SPOILER

Captain America: The First Avengers is the first MCU movie I watched at the cinema. I quite enjoy the movie even though the movie did feel a little bit dragged down when viewers are shown with the mission montage. Captain America : The Winter Soldier got a pretty good promotion as most of the reviews are very good. At the same time, it hold a very heavy burden to maintain the Phase 2 quality that feel a little bit dragged down from the previous 2 movies and to grab some audience in its third installment that will go head to head with Batman VS Superman on 2016. So what do I think of the movie ?

I really enjoyed this movie. In fact, I enjoyed this more than Thor :TDW and obviously more than Iron Man 3.  Basically the movie involves Chris Evan's Steve Rogers life after The Avengers. He works with SHIELD to protect the world, the only thing he knew to do. However, everything turns up side when SHIELD was compromised and his past catch up with him in the form of The Winter Soldier.

When The Dark Knight is released, one reasons it is so appealing is because it is more personally compared to other Superhero movies. It is not the world is in edge of destruction, it is more about morality and ethical. That is what the second movie is like. The movie deals on the moral stands of Steve Rogers on who's to believe and who's not. The mystery and the plot point of the movie also make sense and looks more realistic and closer to the viewers compared to the previous two.

 The cast is very spectacular. Chris Evans delivers the honesty of Steve Rogers really good. Scarlett Johansson is also really good as the shadowy and ambiguous Black Widow. Also kudos to the director to not be able to portray the relationship of Rogers and Widow really well. While the other cast is really good in their role, none of them really shine or steal the show from this two people. While Sebastian Stan successfully portray The Winter Soldier, there is not much emotion portrayal of the character because of the brainwashing.

The director also successfully balance the comedy, action, and emotion. You don't feel like as many comedic moments as Thor : TDW. At the same time, they also manages to put appropriately recap and foreshadowing or nice touch of homage of certain character for MCU.

Does it perfect ? Unfortunately not but it is more of nitpicking. Some of the special effect feels a little bit fake and you can see it really well in the certain scene. Also some of the action where featured Captain America feels like a little bit too much and violence for Captain America nice and earnest personality.

This is the movie that I certainly suggest to everyone that not just a fan of superhero movie but just some plain action movies because it feel really realistic and connected to the real world. I'll give Captain America : The Winter Soldier 4.5 out of 5 just because the new addition of the character is more like a build up to the next movie and again this movie features a forgettable villains though not as much as Thor:TDW and Iron Man 3.


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