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Son of Batman is the newest DC animated outing after Justice League:War. What do I think of the movie ? Hit the jump to find out.

      Son of Batman tells the story of Damian Wayne, Batman illegitimate son with Talia Al-Ghul and how he becomes the new Robin while learning that sometimes killing is not the only way to defeat your enemy.

      I honestly like the movie but feel like the movie have a lot of flaws. First of all the movie do suffer from the 'Thor Syndrome' where you feel like the transition of Damian from ruthless assassin to Batman-like figure to fast and it feel very jarring. You don't see anything that would cause the transition. However, I do like Damian's arrogance portrayed in the movie especially in the scene where he first arrived at the Wayne Manor. Second of all, while I like the character of Talia in this movie, I still see her like an eye-candy similar to Black Widow in Avengers Confidential. A lot of lower shoot and she seem to be ridiculously sexy at times. However, just like I said she does have an interesting characteristic in the movie especially at the end of it.

Black Widow in Avengers Confidential
 Batman characteristic on the other is a little bit weird. At times he does look cool, but at other he look a little bit out of place. I like that his detective skills is getting prominently featured in the movie but there is scene at the end with Talia that doesn't make any sense at all.

Action wise, it was spectacular. There is a little bit of gore though but I think it is necessary when you have two assassin fighting with each other. I kind of frustrated that the Nightwing and Damian fighting scene was not featured. The fighting scene between Damian and Deathstroke at the end do look a little bit like Revenge of the Sith but I just gonna let that past.

In term of voice work, everyone is doing a great job. I might be wrong but the one who do the voice Killer Croc might be a black guy and somehow I feel like it is a little bit of stereotype in it. Jason O' Mara did a great job with the voice of Batman as well as Stuart Allen for Damian. Nightwing's and Talia's voice is okay but I feel like Deathstroke's voice is a little bit out of place just because I got used with Manu Bennet's voice as Deathstroke in Arrow.

All in all, Son of Batman is an okay inclusion in DC animated. If you like a more action oriented, then this the one for you. For me, they did do justice on Damian but not on the source material. In the end I give this 3 out of 5, just because weak plot development, and my problem with the way Talia is portrayed.

What do you think of Son of Batman ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more review from us and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio.


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