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Sneak Peek of Diari Malaysia Asyikin debut episode.

Ahead of its release next week, here is a sneak peek of Diari Malaysia Asyikin debut episode featuring what you can expect from the episode  !!

  • A brand new hilarious adventure begins here !!
  • When Asyikin is forced to leave her birthplace to earth, what changes and interesting adventures are waiting for her ?
  • It's the future that you never imagined but the earth is just like you ever know.
  • A brand new comic by feettri that is sure to be entertaining !!
It may be not much but what do you think of the sneak peek ? Sound your thought in the comment section. Diari Malaysia Asyikin's debut episode is set to be release on March 28th in MangaMagazine. Also, I'm in effort to sent Diari Malaysia Asyikin to publisher to be published. So wish me luck for that as well. Stay tuned for more comic from us and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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