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CHU 0RIGIN trivia !!

CHU 0RIGIN ended few weeks ago. So now we'll gave you a little bit of interesting trivia after the jump.

-Nightmoth's mom is the first character who's smoked since Jimmy's dad in Budak Kampung in 2005

-Badang originally named Moonlight with a secret identity known as Alex Carter Jr. before it is changed into Badang (Nik Darius Nik Daniel) to bring in more diversity.

-Stikerman and Badang is a long time Comikrew superhero characters since 2006 but with a more comedic theme.

-Starshield is originally set up as a standalone story with a romantic superhero theme. It is then brought in to be a part of the event.

-The Wanderer is the first title to be brought in for the event but the last one to be produced.

-feettri's trademark :- Prostitute turns good but maintain his/her sexual appeal traits.

-Nightmoth is the longest titles among the series with 24 pages.

-Starshield has an alternate opening where Dave fought with Dr. Arachne who took Tracy as hostage similar to the climatic battle in Spiderman 3.

-While the series is all set in the fictional towns of Malaysia, the towns is based on real place in Malaysia; Bukit Bintang Central is based on Bukit Bintang, Lumut City is based on Lumut, Neo City is based on Kota Bharu.

-Stickerman has the longest timeline; eight years.

-Badang has an alternate scene where Darius argued with his father for not attending his official announcement as the new CEO.

-Three tie-ins for CHU 0RIGIN was set up during the  National Crisis event before they are scrapped to maintain them in their own universe.

-Nightmoth is the first comic ever in Comikrew Studio to be rated 18+.

-Stickerman is based on Spiderman, Badang is based on Batman, while The Hero is based on Superman.

-The Wanderer's color palette of red and black is specifically chosen to show him is a polar opposite of The Hero's color of red and white.

-The Wanderer's hat is scrapped in the comic due to the difficulties to draw the character wearing it during fighting scene.

Badang suits is originally made to be looked like an armor but is changed to be more suitable to be worn in the sunny nation of Malaysia.

Which of the trivia do you think is the most interesting ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more interesting facts about Comikrew Studio comic and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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