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Everything about Diari Malaysia Asyikin !!

Last week we've seen the end of CHU event. So for this week, we'll give you all you need to know about our upcoming comic starting with Diari Malaysia Asyikin !!

One of the new comic set to be released this year is Diari Malaysia Asyikin ( Asyikin's Malaysia Diary in English). While the title is in Malay, the comic will be in English. The reason why we choose to make the title in Malay is mostly because there is not much difference in pronunciation of the Malay words and the English words of the title. Another major reason is this comic is set to be a semi-educational genre as introduce the Malaysia cultures as well as the lifestyle of people in Malaysia so to have the title in Malay help to strengthen the purpose.

Now that we pass through the technical side of it, lets see what is the story is about. Diari Malaysia Asyikin (DMA)is set in the year of 2100 where to avoid overpopulation on earth, some people has lived in space colonies. Asyikin who is a first generation colonies (meaning she was born on the colonies with her parents born on earth) has to leave the colonies for earth when her father was transferred there.  Throughout the series, we'll see Asyikin deals with the changes in here life in term of culture, lifestyle, and even technology.

In DMA, while the story is set in 2100, you'll see that Malaysia is pretty much the same due to a policy to maintain some of the place for future generation. One of the reason we choose the year of 2100 and set up is because we need to set up a character that know nothings about Malaysia current lifestyle or culture so it doesn't look dumb when we introduce some of the element in the story.

So who is the characters that will appeared in the story? To avoid spoilers, we'll be only giving info up until the debut episode.

A first generation colonies, she followed her family to Earth after her father was transferred there. Due to the fact she spent most of her life in space, she tend to complaint the lack of technology advances on Earth and always end up in an awkward situation when seeing things that doesn't exist at the colonies.

Asyikin's best friend as well her new neighbor. Sophia lives with her sister and the person to-go-to every time Asyikin need help with dealing her Earth related problem.

Sophia's sister and teacher at Jati High. More of her will be revealed in the future. 

Asyikin's classmate and has his own member. He faces crisis when his lead vocal transferred to another school and in need for a new one.

He is the leader of the student council. More of him will be revealed in the future.

Now that you have known more of this upcoming titles, are you more excited for Diari Malaysia Asyikin ? If you do, then make sure to check its debut episode set to be released on March 28th !! Anyway what do you think of this new titles ? Are you excited to read it ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for the next introduction of our new comics ; Chronicle and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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