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National Crisis have just ended last week, so here is some interesting trivia about Comikrew Heroes Universe 's first event.

  • -In the early draft, the team is consist of Cim, Aswad, Armain, Su Claz, The Spade, Musashi and Jimmy (just as a normal hacker). 

  • -Scoutsknight was added to give to provide a different element in the story as he the only one with superpowers. 

  • -The story was first considered to be a part of SMAP season 5 storyline before the project was scrapped. Mukhriz Claz was teased several times in the series. 

  • -The early idea of the story is to create a 'The Expendables' like team with a 'The Avenger' like storyline.

  • -Most of characters design take inspiration from famous comic book movies characters; Payne (Bane from The Dark Knight Rises), Lord Sasori (Cobra Commander from GI JOE:Retaliation), Mukhriz Claz (The Joker from The Dark Knight), Hackerdroid (Batman from Nolan Trilogy), Scoutksnight (Green Lantern), Su Claz (Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist) and The Virus (Venom from Spiderman).

  • -Payne's line, "I'm gonna inflict you with pain" was an intended pun from his name.

  • -feettri's trademark : A shawl wearing woman who's evil

  • -An early draft of the story involved Payne's attempt to kidnap the Prime Minister

  • -The storyline for National Crisis: Beginning was based on The Bourne trilogy and Rania's character was based on Julia Stiles character in the series.

  • -The story was set around the end of SMAP season 1. Several hint was given throughout the story of National Crisis particularly in the final issue.
  1. -Ana was pregnant during National Crisis
  2. -Musashi only sport his season two hairstlye during the end of National Crisis
  3. -Spade went into UMSA to find as Ken
  4. -Cim and his team head to Rantau Abang.
  • -Cameo : Ida and Eye when Spade first arrived at UMSA in the final issue of National Crisis.

  • -Earlier draft plan for Damien in The Spade to take the code name of Musashi to hunt The Spade but the idea was scrapped.

  • -Philippines was chosen as the location in National Crisis Origin: Dice because feettri is a fan of drama series from Philippines.

  • -The location of The Spade was first to be set as New York before is changed into Singapore.

  • -There were two endings considered for National Crisis before the final one is chosen. The first one showcase a climatic battle between Cim and a super soldier serum injected Mukhriz. The second one featured The Hero and supposedly act to combine the two universe. However both endings was rejected to give a more closed ended endings and keeping both of the universe separate.

  • -The ending of National Crisis was partly inspired from the ending of Marvel's Civil War.

  • -National Crisis #1 was released exactly two years after the idea was first kickstarted.

  • -An alternate opening of Hackerdroid featured Jimmy having a hacker battle against Dannie to hack N-Vek's vault database.
What do you think of the trivia ? Which one that get your interest the most ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more comic updates from us and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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