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National Crisis #5 -#7 and CHU 0RIGIN: The Wanderer solicitations

Both National Crisis and CHU 0RIGIN will come to end as we enter 2014 !! Hit the jump to check what you can expect from the remaining issues of both events.

National Crisis #5 (December 28th)
  • The last issue of 2013 !!
  • Following the shocking betrayal in issue 4 that was so unexpected until we can't reveal the whole cover of issue 5
  • It's a super soldier battle as Aswad comes face to face with Payne
  • Also Dice's true plan is finally revealed !!

National Crisis #6  (January 11th, 2014)
  • First issue of 2014 !!
  • Dice's plan is finally in motion. Is it too late for Cim and his team to stop it ?
  • The Spade vs Lord Sasori continues as they finally decided to put to an end of their fight
  • Will Dice triumph as the nation falls ?

National Crisis #7 ( January 25th, 2014)
  • The conclusion of National Crisis
  • Who wins and who loses ? Heck is there any winner ?
  • What await these heroes as the battle ends ?

CHU 0RIGIN : The Wanderer (February 28th )
  • The final issue of CHU 0RIGIN.
  • Who is The Wanderer and what is his relationship with The Hero ?
  • Get ready to meet a whole new definition of being a hero.

Hopefully you guys are excited with the remaining issue of National Crisis and CHU 0RIGIN. With National Crisis ends in January and CHU 0RIGIN ends in February, a new storyline or arc will start soon. Stay tuned for the announcement from us. Don't forget to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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