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Arrow Season 1 Finale Review SPOILER.

May 15, Wednesday, Arrow Season 1 came to an end. How does the season finale satisfies the whole series ? Read my review to find out !! BEWARE : SPOILER ALERT.

Arrow has been one of the most anticipated finale this year and yesterday it ended with episode 23:- Sacrifice where Malcolm Merlin finally begin his Undertaking to destroy The Glades while Oliver is stuck being captured by Malcolm.

To my expectations, Arrow finale was successful in answering all the question posed throughout season 1 especially on why Malcolm decided to begin The Undertaking in the first place. The writers were taking the right choice to pick a more personal reason instead of more of "taking-over-the world" road for Malcolm's reason. In term of the island flashback, despite being quite short (I mean literally), it manages to conclude the incident happen throughout season 1.

Several moment did gain its own spotlight especially where Oliver is fighting the Dark Archer , Laurel's father-daughter moment and Tommy's father-son moment. The fight choreography was as top notch as always and somehow to me look more believable in someway thought it does look ridiculous when two archers just moving around shooting arrow to each other. Several easters egg was shown throughout the episode like Roy's wearing a red hoodies seemingly to hint his Red Arrow identity later in the series.

Frustration ? Of course there gonna be some. There is still some obvious element from Nolan's Batman Trilogy especially the device used to initiate the earthquake was kind of similar done in The Dark Knight Rises. I think they should try to move away from that influence as Arrow now able to stand by itself. And I don't know if it is a norm in Cable TV series or the writer purposely doing it as Arrow is confirmed for the second season but the cliffhanger at the end was totally unacceptable. I think they should show at least a little bit of conclusion (Supernatural Cliffhanger was a good example for me). I was totally had a "WTF" moment when the story suddenly end after the Tommy died.

Overall, Arrow manages to deliver a great finale for its first season and I certainly gonna anticipate the second season for many things have been rumored to appear (Nightwing babeh !!). For that I gave Arrow Season Finale a 4.5 star. Good Job for bringing this B(+ ?)-List characters its justice !!
*I wonder why the season finale poster doesn't have Oliver being shirtless ?

Anyway what do you think of Arrow Season Finale ? Give your thought at the comment section. Stay tuned for more update from us and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!


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