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Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review MINOR SPOILER

Kirk and his crew returns for another adventure before J.J. Abrams take on Star Wars. Does Star Trek Into Darkness a good predictor for Star Wars ? Hit the jump to find out. Beware, SPOILER ALERT.

To be honest, since the title was announced I always wonder why it is titled "Into Darkness", rather than just "Darkness" and in the movie it will totally make sense on why it does so. The decision of J.J. Abram to add a little gray area on Starfleet was a good decision at least for me because that just show that the movie is going into this very complicated storyline and potential focus in the sequel (if he decided to return to do so). Basically Star Trek Into Darkness focus on the manhunt on John Harrison, an ex-member of Starfleet who went rogue. However, as Kirk and the Enterprise try to capture him a more darker secret is revealed within the Starfleet itself.

Let me start with the strength of the movie. The strength of this movie was not the storyline or the twist but the visual effect. If you're a Trekkies, you're either like it or hate it because it has many scene from previous Star Trek movies which made it like a cheap rip-off, or memorable moment of the movie. I like how J.J. Abram redefine some of the iconic moment of the previous movie because hey, the time continuum has changed and the same thing is possibly happen but maybe in the different way just like how this movie is. The jokes was not too much but was put appropriately making the movie doesn't seem like filled with jokes all along (I looking at you Marvel Studio) but hit the nails when it does.  There is obviously a balance of emotion and emotionless throughout the movie.

On actor performance, I'm quite frustrated that Sulu's role in this movie was reduced until unlike the first one and most of the spotlight was given to of course Kirk , Spock , and surprisingly Scotty and Chekov (?). J.J. Abram also took kind of like a nerd move where he cast both Bruce Greenwood and Peter Waller  who voiced Batman as a high-rank officer. Bruce Greenwood was given this concern and nice admiral like how he portrayed Batman in Young Justice while Peter Waller was actually a side villain in this movie  as a sort-of corrupted admiral similar to the more violence-directed Batman of The Dark Knight Return. Kudos to that. The other was as good as usual.Benedict Cumberbatch was not doubt the right choice of the villain. He steal basically every spotlight in the scene he was in thought he kind of like fail to show the emotional depth and complex of the villain but other than that it was a top-notch performance. The addition of Dr. Carol Marcus doesn't really give any effect to the cast. It is more on to introduce a potential love interest  to Kirk or maybe Bones ? I don't know the first Star Trek really screw the timeline so anything can happen.

The weakness ? Well, the twist doesn't work out very well. It does at first but when you see the hint, you will like "AH..." and the twist effect was gone. I was kind of thought that "The Next Generation" crew might be introduced when Kirk died but as soon as that weird animal move, I was like "Nope, he will survived,". Of course there is a twist of the identity of John Harrison itself but I'm not gonna  tell you  however I'll give you a hint. For nerds out there, you guess on the true identity of John Harrison was correct. There is also an imbalance of screen time for every character. I wish Sulu could be put more in action other than just sitting around and gives threat because seriously he's the only one who didn't involve any sort of action throughout the movie.

Overall, Star Trek Into Darkness is as good as its predecessor and filled with iconic (of cheap rip-off) moment. It's so far the best movie I watched this summer and for that I gave the movie 4 stars. What do you think of Star Trek Into Darkness ? Is it awesome ? or meh ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Don't forget to stay tuned with us for more movie review and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!


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