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Hello guys !! My topic today is Anti-cliche. Why suddenly I would like to talk about this? In the recent event of our movie-world, we've seen Nolan try to break the trilogy curse through his The Dark Knight Rises, you can check my review on the movie here, which I believe he was slightly fail to do so.  One the reason which I believe why he fail is how he build up he last scene which to similar to Transformers 3 and The Avengers which is a cliche way to create a movie blockbuster, isn't it?

     So, why being anti-cliche is so important? Because it make your work special and remembered by everyone because it is one of a kind. Nolan is actually famous in his work that is anti-cliche; remember inception, and The Dark Knight? Nolan takes on both of the movie were so remembered because his plot and storyline was one of a kind.

     However, most people think that it is better to follow a known formula in this life. For example, most movie producer in Malaysia, sorry to say, believe that comedy and social issue ( rempit, prostitution ) is a way to create a blockbuster causing this kind of movie is repeatedly done. That is also happen in Hollywood, most of a director believe that to create an epic blockbuster is by doing a massive epic war which happen in transformers 3, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises itself.

       For me honestly, it is okay to take some of inspiration for this known formula because many successful story begin by taking another already famous story. Most of our known Marvel superheroes come from DC superheroes to begin with, but then they take an entirely different direction. Come on, don't say you don't see the similarities between Iron Man and Batman, Superman and Spiderman, The Martian and Vision. But then they have a very different direction in the story, right?

    So now, how do we want to have this anti-cliche 'thingy' ? Here are some tips for you...

  1. Read a lot, I mean like A LOT !!! When you read, you will get a lot of inspiration in creating stories. Usually anti-cliche storyline is achieved by combining several story. And as you see, this can only be done if you read a lot.
  2. Work in group,most of scriptwriter works in group to get a better script. Two head is better than one.
  3. Rewrite, as you rewrite what you done, you will come up a very much better story that what you have in your early draft.
  4. Be an observant, sometimes what make your story anti-cliche is when you takes a very small issue but actually happen in our life.
  5. Research!! Nolan do a lot of research when he creates Inception. You can do so with a lot of research.

    Here are just some from a lot of way in becoming someone who is anti-cliche. Believe me, with anti-cliche, regardless you're an artist, author, or maybe student who doing a FYP, it will help you making your work to be remembered. I've seen some and I believe in the future, I will be able to see some more. Hopefully, the given tips may help all of you. See you'll in the next post !!! Chiaoo!!!

What about you? What do you think about being anti-cliche? Sound your thought in the comment session  !!


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