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Now, Comikrew Studio's blog has been in problem for quite some time and today as the problem ended, it is also the best time to announce newest series of Comikrew Studio which is Comikrew Heroes Universe (CHU). Sounds like the Marvel Universe, right? Almost similar but CHU will focus on an entirely different thing.

      I'm sure some is quite familiar with National Crisis comic which I've been posting the teaser poster for the tie-in recently, National Crisis will be a part of this CHU and will marked the beginning of CHU itself.  After the end of Segi Tiga Cinta, a lot of discussion has been done to determine the future of Comikrew Studio. With the trend of Superhero Comics are becoming more popular and popular among the fan, we decided to set up our own superhero universe through CHU.

     However, unlike what you see in Marvel and DC, CHU will put a definite differences between heroes and superheroes. In CHU, the towns and cities in Malaysia are protected by what is generally known as the Guardians which divided into two groups. Those who protecting the cities and possessed superpower are known as Superheroes while those who doesn't are known as Heroes. However in CHU, most of the heroes are looked down by the superheroes because of their lack of superpowers.

   CHU will started with its part one which consist of National Crisis and its tie-in. Currently,three of the tie-in has been  released which is The Spade: Aoi's Love Diary , National Crisis : The Beginning , and The Spade while Hackerdroid, National Crisis :Dice, and Scoutknight while be released later in this year. Part two of CHU is still on early stage but will be sure focusing on the Superheroes.

   CHU is hope to be a new great series of Comikrew Studio after the end of The Chronicle of Tri ended with Segi Tiga Cinta. We assure you the CHU will take to a new journey that will define superheroes and heroes in a new way entirely. More news will  be released soon so hopefully all of you is excited about it.

So, what do you think about this CHU? Sound your thought in the comment session !!! Chiaoo!!!


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