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Comikrew's teasing everyone !!!!

Hullo everyone !!! So, first and foremost happy eid mubarak to everyone !!! Well, I know it is quite late so yeah happy belated eid mubarak !!! Btw, here is a poster from Comikrew Studio for Hari Raya !!!

So as tease, Comikrew's this year raya poster hold the theme of Superhero which also teases everyone on our upcoming superhero project for Comikrew Heroes Universe. We get back to that later as for this post is all about teasing you'll with our new and upcoming comics for CHU. What is this CHU? Well you can refer CHU here.So in that post we did told you all on several comic that will make up this new universe. In the next post I'll try to make something in building CHU. So hopefully is ready to for it. Chiao !!!


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