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Hello we meet again in this informative post on US University. Today we jump straight to the point today. I would like to talk about University of Washington, Seattle.Those who are interested with me, may apply to this university as i'm applying the same university too.


  • You SPM results must not have grades with C and at least B.
  • All applicants must submit your TOEFL or IELTS and compulsory to meet the minimum requirement. To view the minimum requirement for these exam, you may click here.
  • For you SAT reasoning test and ACT test, it is optional to sent it. However you are encourage to sent it. The mark for the SAT reasoning test is minimum 550 for critical reading and ACT marks for English is 22. For more information, click at here.


  • In order apply to this university, you are require to open an account at the university. 
  • There are a lot to tell about. Explore by yourself through here and here too.

  • No interview!!!!

So these are all about University of Washington Seattle that I can tell. Later I will tell you about University of California Berkeley.Till then, CHIAOO!!!!

     * tomorrow fasting month will begin! Happy fasting to everyone!!!!
     * be Mr. Mama beginning tomorrow!!!

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