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S.M.A.P. season 4 edisi novel grafik !!!!

Today I want to talk about my newest installment of my most favorite comic which is non other than S.M.A.P. ( Sebuah Momento Atas Persahabatan ). However what it is the relationship between this newest installment of S.M.A.P. with Uniten? That will be explained later but right now, I'm promoting rthe newest installment of S.M.A.P. which is S.M.A.P.season 4 that has been posted in my blog for two episode before. The graphic novel has out and those who are to have it may contact me through this blog!!! ok?

     Okey, lets have some brief summary of S.M.A.P. season 4....
  "After the graduation of UMSA and Shahri Rusman (Lunar a.k.a Full Moon) case was solved, K', Im and all their friends are taking their own road. Im is working at Comikrew Studio while taking care of Eyza 's mom. K' is now the COO (Chief Operating Officer ) at his father's company ; Z.Z. Company. Meanwhile, Ida is currently one of the worker at the N-Vek Corp. as Hikmal's secretary. Although all them are now successfully in what they are doing, all of them has been  separated for quite a time.Thus, K' is pulling all his effort reunite them back. The question is will he made it? If you all want to know, better get the graphic novel quickly!!!!"

     Done with S.M.AP. thingy... so now to explain what S.M.AP. got to do with Uniten? This happen during I attend the US application workshop recently.Well, when applying to America, you have to show that you have something special that is worth for the university to admit you in them. And, one of the way is by providing them with art supplement. To be more clear, I could sent my comic that I have done for the past ten years to the university but of course it just enough to sent one. Hence, I'm planning to sent the S.M.A.P. season 4 as the art supplement. In order for that to happen, I had to translate all the comic in American English before sent it to them including the title ( In English is now known as A Memoirs Of Friendships). As a promotion indirectly, those who are interested to get the English edition may also order it through this site, ok?
     Finally I know that what I had been done for this past ten years are not useless after all. God always have something for what we did and what happen to me is an excellent example. So for those that are not confident on what they are doing are rather right or wrong? Just believe on what you all doing have fate that all clouds have their silver lining.( that's exclude those are doing bad and worse thing; illegal racing, drug addiction, and smoking). Alright that's all for my first English post. More will come  later. CHIAOO!!!!

             * Gonna focus on drawing for National Manga Competition
             * Applying for University of Washington and Carnagie-Melan University.
             * two more days to fast.



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