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Okey, today i would like to help those are applying for US University. My group and me are  collecting important information for the University in United States ( especially The Ivy). So starting for today, little by little information of the US University will be posted in this blog. So, you have to visit this blog to gain some information or can directly go to my facebook, and get the link.( this information would implies to all JPA scholarship holder as you are required to apply to this Ivy if you are applying as freshmen. What is Ivy? that you have to find by yourself, not all information can be spoon feed. So for this post, i would to give some information in applying the well known Harvard University.


  • Compulsory to submit the SAT reasoning test or ACT test ( either one) with writing component and two SAT subject test even you all are submitting the the results of the school leaving test. January administration is the final exam test for the candidates.
  • For the SAT subject test, you are not allowed to sent the results of Math level 1 and Math level 2, or using sent their SAT subject test of their native language if their native language is not English.
  • SAT 2 test for English proficiency is unacceptable for the SAT test result.
  • You are not required to take Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or IELTS but are encourage to do so.

  •     You have to undergo an interview with usually the alumni of Harvard University.
  •     Interview might vary in certain places. For more information, click here 


  • You may visit common apps to apply to Harvard or just apply directly online in Universal College Application. Both are treated equally by the admission committee.
  • for a clearer information. click here

That's all for the Harvard University information. I'm sorry because the important dates are nowhere to found. It might be the same for the other University in the Common apps. I hope this would help you in applying to US University. Till then. CHIAOO!!!


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