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Reviewstravaganza : Death of X

The X-men finally back taking the spotlight with the recently released event Death of X. Attempting to answer the biggest question of all, what actually happen to the older Cyclops post Secret War. Does it manage to give a satisfying answer ? Hit the jump to find out.

As per usual with reviewstravaganza. I'll be doing full spoiler. The event has been ended for a week, and I'm sure some of you have seen the headlines on the ending. So now we got pass that, lets get into spoiler.

Death of X is set within the 8 months gap post-Secret War as Cyclops and his rogue team of mutant found a devastating revelations on the effect of Terrigen Mist to mutants. Determined to preserve his kind, he decided to do whatever he can, however, that may have been the call of war towards the Inhuman itself.

So what did he do ? With the help of Alchemy, he rendered half of the terrigen mist useless leaving ineffective to all people. In the end he was 'killed' by Black Bolt. More on this later.

Before I rant about this event, lets address the good thing. It successfully bring Emma Frost to the darker side of mutant, especially with what she did, despite my problem with it. It also possibly set up Havok to take a bigger role in the X-Men universe but based on the recently released line -up of X-Men comic, you can simply forget about it. And that 's about it.

The big problem of Death of X is it feels very isolated. It doesn't feel like it connected to the wider Marvel Universe, and it doesn't matter if it didn't exist. It also fails to give anything new. We know Cyclops died, we know what the Terrigen did to mutant, so no revelation in the book was new. Sure, there's the fact that half of the Terrigen Mist was destroyed but note that, it didn't give any effect to the current Marvel Universe, heck Inhuman is still popping up. That Cyclops twist on the hand, to my feels like an afterthought, as if Marvel chicken out to kill the most multi-layered character they ever had.

Lets address that twist. It turns out that the Cyclops killed by Black Bolt was simply a psychic projection done by Emma Frost and the real Cyclops died on Muir island back in issue 1. Great twist, but make no sense. First off, psychic projection don't have sentient mind, unless Emma Frost actually developed a second mutation, I don't know. Case in point, is when Emma Frost try to force Alchemy to carry on with the mission, that Cyclops (remember this is psychic projection by Emma herself), stops Emma and she reacted and stop. Does that mean she charade the whole thing, unlikely. The ending might have been changed in order to open up the possibility for Cyclops to return.

The second problem with Death of X is it failed to take advantage of the future. Case in point, we know that Black Bolt and Medusa was no longer together in the present timeline as Medusa is sort of dating Johnny Storm, and it could easily be that Black Bolt killed Cyclops and Medusa refused to accept it. Nope, it was Medusa who called it. Miss opportunity.

While Death of X attempt to big event, on the wider universe nobody care about, as proven when the new Marvel universe starts, Jean Grey was the only that actually care about it. The rest of the world feels like it didn't happen. SHIELD didn't spy on the mutants, and the Uncanny Avengers didn't even address it.

Death of X do set up Inhumans vs X-Men but it did receive a better prologue in issue zero and I doubt we'll get to see how it will effect the Marvel Universe especially as we need to deal with how Civil War 2 effect first. Unfortunately, Death of X is not the event that revitalize the X-Men and lets hope we get a better one with Inhumans vs X-men. In the end, I had to give Death of X a 2.0/5.0. A passable event for X-men, but certainly not a good in any ways (even in its art, it was tolerable at best).

What do you think of Death of X ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for my CKOM submission; Sarjan Lee next week by following and liking Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook. Subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and finally follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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