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Makoto Shinkai's blockbuster hit; Kimi no Nawa aka Your Name (KnN) finally arrived in Malaysia. So I thought what better time to review the movie that has become a phenomenon around the world. Hit the jump to find out my thought.

Kimi No Nawa revolves around two teenagers; Mitsuha and Taki, who found themselves switches body randomly every time they went to sleep. Mitsuha is a girl who lives in a small town of Itomori while Taki is a boy who lives in the busy town of Tokyo. Of course, hilarious fiasco ensues and in grand tradition of Makoto Shinkai, the story leads to a heartbreaking revelation that I will not spoil.

The first ever movie directed by Shinkai that I watched was Voice of a Distant Star, and just immediately fall in love in his way of storytelling. Shinkai able to tell a very relatable story while giving us a sci-fi story. However to me, the one that capture what Shinkai's movie most accurately is 5cm per Second.

His film always have one constant element; a beautiful love story followed with a heartbreaking revelation. KnN also has this element but what makes it different is that it ends on a positive note compared to his previous works.

In term of story, KnN beautifully blend the element of comedy, romantic, and melachonly nicely without it feels jarring. It also capable to give enough hint of it big reveals without ever spoil what actually happen, and when you learn about it, it immediately make sense and making us more invest with the story.

What also interesting is how the movie changes its point of view from Yotsuha to Taki in the middle of the movie, but it didn't leave either of the two character unexplored. In fact, by the time that happened, we are done learning about them and just enjoying the ride.

The characters are all done well allowing us to easily differentiate who is who in the movie especially during the body swapping fiasco happened. The supporting character  didn't steal any spotlight from the main character, but very much of its own.

The biggest highlight in the movie, is no doubt the animation. The background and scenery are done in fine detail and to have multiple time lapse scene in the movie were just incredible. The fact that it made the most normal place became the most famous easily shows how much detail put into the movie. The quality of animation alone worth the price of admission.

Was there any flaw ? Honestly, it is hard to point one. Even if there is, it would just simply be nitpicky. I was beyond doubt the best movie I watched this year. And it also show how you don't need a 150 minutes movie to tell a very good story.

In the end, Kimi no Nawa is a must watch for everyone; fan or non-fan of anime, as it is simply the very  great movie. Overall, I give this movie a 5.0 out 5.0. A perfect execution that blend comedy, romantic, sadness, and even suspense nicely. Good story, character works and simply gorgeous animation.

What do you think of Kimi no Nawa ? Do you agree with my opinion ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. For Malaysia, Kimi no Nawa is currently being screened at GSC cinema around Malaysia and your can buy your ticket here . Don't forget to follow and like Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and check out my CKOM 2016 submission; Sarjan Lee on Mat Komik. Finally, follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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