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Chronicle #42 is now available on Tapastic

The final arc of Chronicle continues with chapter 42 as the battle getting intense between the runaway team of Helios Dragon and The Terrorist Task Force of Central. Hit the jump to read the newest chapter.

  • The battle against Central Military started !!
  • Trowa and Amy are having trouble against their respective opponent, but can they turn the tide ?
  • Meanwhile Onimaru and Allan seems to be evenly match until one of them used his secret weapon.
  • Helios Dragon finally steps up.

What do you think of the latest chapter of Chronicle ? The next chapter will a little be arriving later this month so stay tuned for that. Don't forget to follow and like Comikrew Studio right here and on Facebook as well subscribing to my comic at Tapastic. Finally, be sure to follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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