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Comic Book A-Z 2015

The return of Frank Millar's Batman, Marvel destroyed (sort of) their universe, potentially the worst mainstream Comic Book movie and more. Hit the jump to see what's the biggest comic book headlines in alphabetical order.

A- Age of Ultron
Lets start off with the good yet lackluster comic book movie this year;Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron. While it made tonnes of money for Disney, it failed to live up to fan's expectation. Too many rehash from the first one, over-crowded, and yet another disappointing villain, Marvel need to do something to keep up their reputations.

Batman's Endgame saw Bruce Wayne seemingly dead (SPOILER ALERT :- He's not) . In his absence, Commissioner Gordon steps up to become the new Batman in a suit of Bat Armor. While it could have been an interesting take, it is actually more of a story of how Bruce Wayne returns to become the Batman again (in time for his new movie).

DC establishes their new Multiverse by their summer event; Convergence. Taking a breath from their main character and focus on their Earth 2 character, it sets up the Multiverse in which each universe is a previous famous elseworld story of DC Universe. Since then, there's been comics that focuses the character in the other universe and reestablishes Earth 2 again.

DC YOU was relaunched to replace The New 52 line up. It was meant to produce more titles garnered to more specific readers and new readers. Unfortunately it seems like it fail to hook up new readers as the new titles (with the exception to some, Bizarro for example) fails to perform.

One of the stands out in Comic Book Movie is of course Kingsman: The Secret Service. Despite its generic storyline, and several controversial scene, it rightfully gain its position as this year best comic book movie and puts Matthew Vaughn's name among great directors.

F-Fantastic Flop
Now, this stands out not in a good way. After much secrecy, it turns out Josh Trank's Fantastic Four was absolutely the worst. Being panned by both critics and audiences, it is unsure whether Fox wants to take another dip or return it back to Marvel.

G-Girl of Steel
DC has another hit in its TV division with Supergirl. It manages to gain a lot of female audiences and proves that a lead female character superheroes series (other than Jessica Jones, more on that later) can work. Also, Martian Manhunter.

H-Hell Kitchen
Marvel finally get it out the park with its TV division with its Netflix show. Daredevil and Jessica Jones prove that Marvel can do dark and gritty. With Daredevil getting a second season, and Luke Cage and Iron Fist is yet to come, Marvel finally found the right path for the TV division.

I-In Rogen We Trust

DC-Vertigo release their new comic adaptation series; Preacher. With Seth Rogen acts as the showrunner, it is unsure if the series will become wacky or dark and gritty. The trailer though gotten divisive reaction.

J-Justice Gods
Geoff John shakes the Justice League status quo with The Darkseid War. In between the war between Gods, several members were turned into god itself. On interesting to point out is that Wonder Woman is taking the center stage in the series for quite sometime, does this have connection with her upcoming appearance in the movie ? Probably yes.

K-Killing Joke
In a shocking news, DC has green light the adaptation for Killing Jokes Animated movie. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are returning for the voice. Rumor has it that it will getting R-Rated.

 L-Legend of Tomorrow
DC releases another spin-off from its Arrowverse with Legends of Tomorrow. Atom and Captain Cold (?) are brought as the main character and Sara Lance being resurrected. Kicking off this January, it will features Vandal Savage and Matt Nable's already dead Ra's Al-Ghul.

M-Marvel Break up
Due to the lackluster results from Age of Ultron, Kevin Feigi decided to split Marvel's movie division from its creative team. Now, Kevin Feigi can produce a movie without any post-it notes from the creative team. How does affect the movie ? Lets see when Phase 3 kicking off.

N-No More Mutant (again ?)
Post Secret Wars, it is hinted that Quiksilver and Scarlet Witch is not a mutant. Also due to Terrigen Mist, mutant is being sterilized and killed. After an event that was supposed to end of mutant Extinction three years ago, they are giving us another extinction again. Sorry Hope Summers, you effort was a waste.

O-Old Batman
Frank Miller returns with the third chapter of its The Dark Knight storyline. The plot is unknown but DC is pumping thousands of variant covers for this series. Fun fact, while The Dark Knight Returns is great (at some level), but do remember The Dark Knight Strikes Back was awful.

P-Punisher's Back
Jon Bernthal was cast as Punisher for Daredevil season 2. How does it fits the series is unknown but it should be excited to see how Marvel adapting  this character after one forgettable adaptation, one okay adaptation and one underated adaptation.

 Q-Quinn's Skuad
 DC releases their first look of Joker and their live action adaptation of Suicide Squad. It was of course again gain a divisive reaction until the trailer was released. It was absolutely crazy, though I am a little bit unsure about Will Smith's Deadshot. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie are killing it with their character.

R-Riddle Me This !!
Geoff Johns continues its Batman:Earth One with its second volume. Good choice of not taking Joker as its villain. One thing it proves is that The Riddler is a tough villain to create a story around it. Also, I hate the twist on Two Face.

S-Secret Wars
Marvel answer for DC's Convergence. While the story is great, it suffers from delay and causing the readers to got tired and bored. By bored, that includes the writers as well as Marvel's new universe titles have been released, making the story becoming very unnecessary.

 T-Tom Holland
When Spiderman are announced to be included into Civil War, everyone wondering who will be cast and as who ? The wait was over when Tom Holland is cast as Peter Parker. Stay tuned for his appearance in Captain America: Civil War in his possible Iron Spider costumes.

U-Uzumaki Boruto
Naruto universe continues with Naruto Gaiden and Boruto:Naruto the Movie. I really enjoy The Last Naruto the Movie, and very excited to see how Boruto continues the story. Also, Naruto Gaiden features Karin !! Though still no love for her in the story.

After releasing an animated series based on its Arrowverse, Vixen is brought to its live action counterpart with the voice provider brought the character to life. Where it will show up ? Probably The Flash, though with Arrow is exploring mysticism, she could appear there as well. Could be Legend of Tomorrow as well.

W-Woman can be Worthy
Odinson (as what he is known now) lost its worthiness and a new one took the mantel and this new Thor is woman. Of course, people flip off on this new decision. Of course it was revealed later that it was Jane Foster.  It is currently one of the interesting title came out pre-secret wars, I don't know how it performs post the event.

X-X-Men TV Series
Fox announced a potential X-Men TV series. It has been said that Marvel has agreed to this with several condition. It is not sure what kind of series this would be. Most says it could be The New Mutants.

The new Batgirl reboot is gaining a lot of fan despite people hating it when it first come out. It then headlines the news when the writer introduces the first ever transgender marriage with its character Alysia Yeoh (hence the Y alphabet). Of course the other highlight was Barbara is officially dating Luke Fox and the appearance of Dick Grayson. But it was a change of pace to introduces a marriage not to rebooted or sold to the demon (Spiderman).

The Flash decided to go crazy by exploring Multiverse in its series. They introduces Jay Garrick, show us King FREAKING Shark, and getting ready to introduce Killer Frost.Not to forget the terrifying villain in the look of Zoom. 

What do you think of this year headlines ? Which one that you found most excited ? Did I miss anything that is more important ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Be sure to follow Comikrew Studio here and like the Facebook page. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic at Tapastic and finally follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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