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Malaysian Night is back, folks !!

PUMSA's biggest event has returned and this time it is bigger that ever. It's a week before Malaysian Night hits Purdue and we are here to tell you what you should expect from this year incarnation.
Last year Malaysian Night was a huge hit. Bringing Puteri Gunung Ledang to life in an American soil was not easy (speaking from experience), however, it was an original representation of the popular folklore but manage to stay loyal of its source material. So, for this year, they decided to take a break from serious material and go for a little bit of Malaysian popular comedic side with the theme of "Oh, My Cikgu !!"

A look of last year Malaysian Night

For those who are not familiar, the title is derived from one of Malaysia's famous educational show; Oh, My English and this event is attempting the same thing. The main target of the play this year is to introduce some of the famous Malaysian social and traditional culture while having a comedy story in it. However, don't expect a full blown comedy here as we have a little of drama in it as well.
Malaysian Night is still maintaining their formula as the event will still be split into two parts. The first one part is The Malaysian Experience which this year will be held at Purdue University Memorial Mall and from what we heard, it will be larger that last year. The second part is the stage performance that also getting an upgrade as it will be held at Loeb Playhouse. We included  more detail down below :

The Malaysian Experience
Nov. 1st, 2014
Purdue University Memorial Mall
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Malaysian Night : Oh, My Cikgu !!
Nov. 1st, 2014
Loeb Playhouse, Stewart Center,
7:00  pm - 9:00 pm

As you might aware from the banner above, the event is absolutely free so what are you waiting for ? Mark the date and be sure to join us in a pure comedy ride with Malaysian Night 2014. For more info, you can head to the event page on Facebook, or visit their website; .

Also, as usual, we have something special for Malaysian Night as you might aware. In 2012, we had a special poster and in 2013 we had a special prologue. This year, in the tradition of Malaysian Night back to its comedic root, we also back to our graphic roots with a special poster.  The poster is based from the banner itself with a personal touch from us.

Are you excited of this year Malaysian Night ? What do you think of our special poster ? Leave you comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates from us. Don't forget to like us at our Facebook pages and be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio !! See you guys at PUMSA Malaysian Night 2014.


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