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Gone Girl is one of the contenders for Oscar this year. How does this David Fincher's movie stands up with his other movies ? Hit the jump to find out what we think about it.

Gone Girl revolves around Nick Dunne who found out that his wife was missing one day and we follow the story of him trying to find his wife and implications in both in his life and in the media.

The story has a very big twist in it that I would not spoiled because that what get hold your attention to the movie. However, what is very interesting is that the twist is revealed half way through the movie but it is able to keep you guessing as the story moves on. This story successfully make you keep changing to whom you are sympathize with and also successfully hate the character by the end of the story. The story has great pacing, it moves in and out from the flashback and present nicely, and help you to build up your emotion towards the character.

In term of performance, Ben Affleck is great in this movie as a guy who is stressed with the disappearance of his wife and his expression throughout the movie after the twist at the movie is precious and what gives this movie the moment of levity or rather a dark comedy to this movie. I've don't really see a movie Rosamund Pike before accept for The World's End, but she is excellent in this movie. This might be a mild spoiler, but you will really hate her in this movie. There is also some surprising great performance in this movie, specifically Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.

I'm not familiar with a non blockbuster movie so I can't really point out any flaw in the movie. I really hate the ending to be honest, but then I don't think I've seen a satisfying ending for any David Fincher's movie. I do think however, the trailer was misleading in terms that people thinks this a family movie, when it is a R-Rated movie. I went to the cinema and you see child watching it, and later you saw 4 sex scene with one topless nudity. It really make you uncomfortable in a way.

Gone Girl is a great movie, and I really encourage all of you to watch the movie. For this movie, I give 5 out of 5 as this story really caught you attention, and the twist and turn manage to keep your attention.

What do you think of Gone Girl ? If you have read the book especially, what do you think about it ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movie review from us as the award movie season starts. Be sure to like us at Facebook and don't forget to follow us at Comikrew Studio.


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