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Thor returns with a second installment; Thor: The Dark World. While Thor was okay, how does the sequel performs ? Hit the jump to check my review. BEWARE : MILD SPOILER.

I honestly like Thor: TDW and considered as one of the best movie I watch this year behind Fast 6 and The Wolverine. It manage to maintain the world built in the first Thor and you can see even more in this movie. At the same time while the director changes, you don't feel inconsistency throughout the movie.

Thor: TDW basically dealing with the repercussion of the ending of the first movie as Thor and his people try to bring back peace to the nine realm.At the same time, Jane Foster at earth tries to find Thor and accidentally woke up Melekith which kicked off the story.

The story was good, simple with twist here and there and ending you would never expected coming. One good thing about Thor is you went in thinking you knew everything but there are a lot more unexpected thing happen which is good considering premature spoiler through internet lately. Not to forget, superb cameo that you will not expected.

The cast was spectacular. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are good as usual as Thor and Jane respectively. Chris manage to balance between his cocky, arrogant self and a more responsible and brotherly self in the movie. However, Tom Hiddleston's Loki steal the show pretty much all the movie. He manage to brought the character to a new level after his appearance in Thor and The Avengers. You see him as the envious brother in the first Thor and conqueror in The Avengers but in this movie you see him as this younger brother with Thor just like how you see during their childhood scene in the first one.

The director, Alan Taylor done a good job in expanding the world by not constricting the story only to Asgard and Midgard but to the other realm as well and manage to distinctly differentiate each realm pretty good.

Unfortunately, Thor : TDW still has it flaw. The villain, Melekith is pretty much just a device to expand Loki's role in the universe. Honestly, if he wasn't in the movie and Loki do 'The Avengers' trick again, you wouldn't mind. There's loose end in the story as well like why the hell Eric Selvig is acting like lunatic in the movie. On complaint that people have is the movie has too much humor. Which is true, unlike Iron Man, the first Thor has very little humor in it and this time it does feel too much which most of it due to the feel of need to expand Darcy's role but then her role was expanded as comic relief which is not really expanded.

Another thing, which this might be only me, is the mid credit scene is not consistent with the tone and color pallet of the movie. While it function is to tie with another movie but you just feel weird as soon as the scene started and it just disturb me a little bit.

Overall Thor is not a bad movie, it's really an enjoyable one and much superior entry for MCU phase two. I really recommend you to watch whether you are a fan of Thor, Loki, or marvel movie or heck, humor movie.

So what do you think of Thor: TDW ? Good ? Bad ? Leave your comment below. Stay tuned with us for more review and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !! 


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